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    Chapter 3.5 - Mammon - Underworld

    My eyes fixated on the charging rhino the moment Raike’s words cut off. Damn. He was going to say ‘maybe’. That wasn’t a ‘yes’, so I couldn’t do anything; which really, really sucked. I couldn’t help but smirk inwardly at the sight of Ryuu. I was itching for payback. It had been humiliating to fake defeat; to fake cries of pain. It angered me to the brink of exploding that even one person thought I was dead. Ha! Death… Demons never had such a thing in the Underworld! How pathetic were these beings that only lived for so long? All of them had their worth split across their species. Us? Only of few existed, thus just one of us had more worth in the world than a million humans. Those ‘Gods’ were little more than toddlers cosplaying as Superman.

    An involuntary hiss escaped my throat when Raike stepped forward to take on the Earth demon in Kerin’s steed. ‘He’s such an idiot!’ My mind roared. He wasn’t immortal, so why pick a fight with a two-hundred pound moron? He wasn’t asking for my help either and I couldn’t just pop up and help him. He had to call upon me personally for my body to take shape.

    I really lost it when he was hurtled across the room by the rhino’s body. ‘You’re going to die!’ I snapped. At the last second, I blasted forth a cloud of red smoke behind his back; cushioning his body from harm. However, that wall just crumbled. Nearly toppled over, it did. I was a loud to take on the defensive for him. That was a part of the contract. If his life was in danger, I was obligated to do everything in my power to prevent his destruction. He had a few cuts and bruises here and there, but nothing I couldn’t deal with later. Before I could lecture him about life, he was up again; this time calling forth a fraction of my power to lift him straight into the air to attack the now airborne demon. There was a bit of a harsh struggle, but in the end (and inevitably) it was Raike who was bound to the most amount of damage.

    Boom. That’s really the only sound the impact made. Everything else just crumbled over uselessly. The dust clouds provided cover. Immediately, I went to work. His body was still unharmed by breakage, but I didn’t want to have to cushion his mistakes again. This time, I had the smoke drag him into the ground like he was a ghost. From right underneath Ryuu, I began lecturing him from the tattoo on his chest. “You’re an IDIOT, Raike! If you’re gonna attack him, burn him! Or if you want to be secretive, hit him over the head and knock him unconscious! Idiot! You’ve basically DIED twice! Idiot idiot idiot! How about you have ME fight him?! I don’t want you to get hurt---- Too much! It hurts ME you know!”
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