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After creaming Brock, I head east only to be stopped by one of Oak's employees. Fortunately, he comes bearing good news and a gift... Running Shoes. Though, (a) they don't look any different from my standard issue shoes, and (b) what's to keep me fromm running in my regular shoes? It's not like they're a $500 pair of six-inch high heels or anything...

Well, putting that puzzling conundrum aside (and being grateful that I can travel faster now. Still not Buick Roadmaster-type speed, comfort, and luxury, but it'll do, I guess), I proceed onto Route 3. What a crew of trainers here. The Youngsters sing the praises of shorts (skirts are still better, just not on them lol) and this one Lass accuses me of touching her even though she walks over to ME to initiate battle. Go figure. While here, I do have one important capture for my team... Howard the Nidoran. After some bit of leveling up, I proceed into Mount Moon.

Mt. Moon

Things are actually pretty quiet in here, aside from the scattered members of Team Rocket stirring up trouble. Well, actually, they don't seem to be causing others in the cave problems, but boy, do they like to jump down my throat when I approach. It's funny, though. The news programs make these guys out to be terrifying and armed to the teeth with strong Pokemon, but when I battled the crew in here, they were pretty much pushovers. Hmm. Maybe these are just the greenhorn members. In any event, I really wasn't all that impressed with them. Anyway, at the end of the cave, I have to teach this random nerd a lesson in sharing. Not that I really wanted the fossils that he was trying to hoard, but hey, whatever. He was the one who jumped me, so why not take some victory spoils, am I right?

After leaving Mount Moon, it's a pretty straight shot to the next town.

Cerulean City

The Gym's in plain sight, and I could bust in and take on the Gym Leader now. But a little voice inside my head told me to head to the bridge north of town. So, after healing my Pokemon at the Red Roof Inn Pokemon Center, I head north.

And I see a familiar, if unfriendly face. It's Red! Well, he's certainly not here to chat, so I bust out my Pokeballs and prepare to battle him.

Sadly, I do have to wonder what goes on inside his head sometimes. He sends out an Abra who can't do anything to attack, It just keeps trying to Teleport away... or, at least it did till it got a face full of Howard's (now a Nidorino) Horn Attack. And his starter Bulbasaur isn't even evolved yet, even though it should be. Well, whatever. Once he goes down, he gives me this device called the Fame Checker (but of course can't resist taunting me even as he does) and takes off. Yeah, "smell ya later" indeed, Homes.

Next up is Nugget Bridge, which apparently has been taken over by Team Rocket... who are now recruiting kids. Since I plowed through all five of the kids, I guess that means I'm worthy of joining Team Rocket, at least according to the last guy in line. Well, the Team Rocket agents I met in Mount Moon really didn't inspire confidence as far as how successful their enterprise seemed to be, so I had to respectfully decline the offer. Too bad they didn't like that answer, because then that last guy challenges me. Not that he's any tougher than his cohorts, mind you. At least I get a Nugget out of the deal.

With the trash taken out, I proceed up to the cape, and get quite a surprise when a Pokemon inside the little house on the cape begins talking to me. Turns out this is the famous "Bill the Pokemaniac" that everyone and their uncle in Cerulean is talking about, and his current state is due to some freak lab accident. So, it falls onto my shoulders to return Bill to his human self, and I get a ticket to the luxurious SS Anne in exchange. Too bad I don't have time to go get a fancy dress for the party. They'll have to take me as I am.

Returning to Cerulean, I decide it's high time to go at the local Gym Leader.

Lisa vs. Misty


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