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With Misty dealt with, I head south to Route 5, after dealing with an "innocent bystander" standing suspiciously in some poor burglary victim's backyard. A pivotal team member is found here... Lisa the Meowth (yes, I do realize she shares my name, that's completely intentional). She's going to be my key to riches, once she gets Pay Day. Plus her evolved form Persian is perfectly fitting for my elegant style. With her in tow, I make my way down a mysterious underground route that eventually leads to Vermilion City. More trainers await my challenge, and that makes this area a good place to get Lisa in line level wise with the rest of my team, as well as evolve a few of my other Pokemon. Solely for kicks, here is a random battle I fought along the way:


Vermilion City

Once in Vermilion, I have some business to take care of... getting a bike voucher (though a Buick Electra Estate Wagon Voucher would have been even better), collecting the best invention since the Pokeball - the Vs. Seeker, and take care of the trainers east of town. There's also a Pokemon trade to be done, and an Old Rod to be had... not that it's much use, but whatever. East of town serves a similar purpose as Route 6 directly north... leveling up Lisa and getting a few more Pokemon evolved solely for Pokedex purposes.

With that settled, it's time to board the SS Anne. The Gym's not an option yet since it's blocked off by a tree. Hopefully the key to getting rid of it is on board.

S.S. Anne

Hmmm... no party going on, but the boat's still here. Folks on board are getting impatient, and when they get impatient they want to battle. Of course, I'm more than willing to oblige. So I visit cabin by cabin, getting some advice that the Captain may hold the key to getting access to the Gym. Might as well make my way to his chambers. The party must not have been that fancy, since outside of a few Gentlemen, the folks who want to throw down are mostly kids, Sailors, and Fishermen. Though this one lady mistakes me for a waitress and I sneak around the kitchen to gather some choice items. There's apparently also a police investigator on board tracking Team Rocket. Sadly I haven't seen a trace of them on board. I'm always ready to rough those clowns up a bit.

Well, well, well, look who's waiting for me on the way to the captain's quarters... it's Red. Talk about people who shouldn't be invited to fancy parties. Really? He has 40 in his Pokedex? Too bad, 'cause I have 41. So take that, fool. See, all that extra time spent leveling up random Pokemon I have no intention of using DID pay off.

The sad part is, not only do I have more entries in my Pokedex, my Pokemon's levels tower over his as well. Wait, what's this? Somebody illegally evolved their Raticate, not that it matters. He's still no match for me. At least his starter's finally evolved and Kadabra can actually do something... or at least it would if Lisa the Persian hadn't creamed it in one hit. But yeah, those eight levels or so I have over him make a HUGE difference... just the way I like it!

With him out of the way, I meet with the captain, help him recover his wits, and get the HM Cut... which is the key to getting in that Gym. With that, I leave the ship and it takes off. Now to tackle the local Gym Leader. Sorry, Lt. Surge, no amount of hiding behind a Cut bush or your little electrical fences is gonna keep you from feeling the combined wrath of Lisa and Howard!

Lisa vs. Lt. Surge


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