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    I doubt anybody will believe how long it took me to retype this thing. I hope she's accepted. Her entry into the academy shall be insane indeed. Sorry it took so long.

    Name: Ashara Soleil Harris
    Nickname: Asha or Ash, but her students can call her Ash, if they dare.
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Job: Self Defense, Intermediate Battle Study

    Appearance: Ashara is about five feet and five inches tall and with the body of a model, except missing the anorexia and makeup abundance. Almost every inch of it is natural, from the casual tan to her bust. She hides it well though, refusing to show off her body more than a girl her age probably should, especially now that she has a real job. She also doesn't want questions on the athletic build she has trained herself into. That is none of your business, noisy brats.Her hair is long and healthy, the color a honey dirty blonde and the locks thin and wavy. Lucky her she has a lot of it. She keeps it mostly in a long ponytail reaching down her back. Her eyes are not milky, despite being blind, but instead are a teal color. Ash has freckles on her cheeks and a bright smile that's permanently missing one of its pearly whites. Don't ask where it went, it was a very amusing noodle incident.

    Ash does not dress professionally. She's in her teens for Mew's sake! Her shirt is long sleeved and a gentle sandy brown, the sleeve ends loose like an open flower. Or something. That's what the lady at the clothing store said, for this was a new shirt. Ash had a feeling her regular dirty T-shirts would just not cut it with these kids, at least for a good first impression. However, anything formal in the leg area would make her very prickly. So she just wears jeans and sneakers. The principal put his foot down on the combat boots. You have no idea how sad that made her.

    Personality: Ash is awesome! Oh wait that doesn't describe her personality does it? Ah well... she doesn't like titles much. Well she does like Azure Shadow, which the media somehow coined at one point. She doesn't even question that anymore. Anyway, moving on... Ash is one of those people who enjoys the use of sarcasm in the happiest tone of voice possible. She does most of her things either happily or chill. Blame her Lapras and meditation. Ash has long since accepted being blind, and also accepted being unusual. She prefers to own what she is and takes little lying down. Good luck trying to lie to her; she can smell that. Well, not really, but you probably get the point. Ash can come off as a pain in the butt. She is one but she knows her stuff.

    Ash isn't well known for being intelligent but that suits her just fine. Let everyone think she's a moron. She knows her stuff and can even teach it when she has to. She's somewhat strict but does make exceptions for injury and the like. No excuses on the training though because if not you will likely get hurt. She pushes on people's limits, both physically and emotionally. Does she mean well? Probably. It's hard to tell. Don't worry about her lack of formality, it's perfectly normal. She knows she signed up for weird people. After all, she's very similar.

    Sometimes Ash goes on trips, even in the same area. She will purposefully get lost so she can have fun in the woods or wherever with her Pokemon. She is incredibly close to them after these trips. Is she prepared during these? It depends. In reality she's still a teenager and wants to have fun, especially while working.

    Ash is difficult to well and truly tick off... on certain things. Trust me, you'll know when you achieve the task.

    History: Ash was born in Pallet Town and mostly raised in Viridian City. Her father was a farmer in Pallet Town and had divorced her pharmacist mother not long after she was born. She always stayed in Pallet during the summer, enjoying helping her father with the harvest. It depended more on touch anyway. Despite the clear split between her parents, Ash tried not to rebel over it... too much. That wasn't why she dyed her mother's labcoat red, honestly. It was mostly due to the pent-up aggression she had towards her classmates and their mocking jeers over well... anything, mostly due to her struggling to learn Hindi from her younger best friend, who couldn't speak English. People tried mocking her for being blind. She still punched them in the face and let her Growlithe be... well, a Growlithe. It eventually settled down as kids got used to each other.

    Her Growlithe was a wonderful guide dog but he was not as young as she really needed throughout. So her father called in a Sinnoh friend, a distant relative of theirs who had been raised to be a Guardian of Aura. He taught her everything he was allowed to from the age of eight. At the age of twelve, she went to start her journey, having been given a certain Riolu as a gift. She and Kira became best enemies. It was amazing. She didn't start out in Kanto but in Sinnoh. She had not been in the mood to earn badges for about a year. She just wanted to wander, during that time catching Lillian and Laura. Eventually she returned to Kanto and earned the badges with a small team, almost the one she has now. Most of her Pokemon are with her parents now.

    She returned to Viridian at fourteen rather content but not sure what she wanted to do anymore. There she met a certain trainer, who proceeded to try and pummel her in a battle. They tied but it had been close. Cam then proceeded to borrow her as a training dummy. According to him and her friends (and apparently rumors), she was a decent teacher. Her friend Zoran almost dragged her to the college campus to sign up for a program. She hadn't wanted to at first but the schooling actually helped. She stayed for three years until she earned a student internship. Supposedly she had the right credits for a student teaching job. The Trainer's Academy was looking for the unusual... and she kind of qualified.


    Species: Raichu
    Nickname: Riley
    Personality: Riley is the happy-go-lucky member of the party. She can smash through everything because nothing is Riley-proof. Nothing. Not even you. She is the hyper one who will run around like a maniac. Yet she is very mellow too, enjoying watching the clouds go by and sleeping in the sun. Riley can break up fights with the whip of her tail, mostly because she sends out lightning when she does. Is Riley the peacekeeper? Naturally. Ash found her as a Pichu in Viridian Forest and got into a tizzy with her mother. In the end, Ash emerged singed with a Riley and the Pikachu mother gained an injured tail.
    Lvl: 50
    Moveset: Thunderbolt, Brick Break, Iron Tail, Quick Attack, Dig, Discharge, Endure

    Species: Charizard
    Nickname: Carrie
    Personality: Carrie is a battle-lover but also a bit of a sweetheart. She is a modest creature with an even temperament that is not like a majority of her species. The only time she acts even close to that is when her human is in danger or annoyed. Ash raised her from her school breeding project. She enjoys going on long, random flights, some of which she doesn't come back from for a while. Ash has made do, though she misses her cuddly friend. Carrie is cuddly.
    Lvl: 49
    Moveset: Slash, Shadow Claw, Dragon Pulse, Air Slash, Brick Break, Flamethrower

    Species: Lucario
    Nickname: Kira
    Personality: He's a jerk. Is he proud of this fact? It's likely. He hated Ash when he was first paired with the eccentric girl, finding her too cheerful for his taste. But he got used to her after a long time, about the same time he nearly lost to Ness. He never precisely respected her afterward but he acknowledge Ash's power. Kira respects Ness but that's about it. Well, he gets along with the rest of his team. They've all beaten him at one point or another. Everyone else... eh, you're cannon fodder.
    Lvl: 50
    Moveset: Dark Pulse, Blaze Kick, Aura Sphere, Flash Cannon, Drain Punch, Earthquake

    Species: Metagross
    Nickname: Ness
    Personality: Ness is coolly analytical, would be a jerk if he wasn't almost a supercomputer. He enjoys having his metal shined and fights with strategy, so Ash never really worries about him too much. They sometimes think in sync but that's purely accidental. They met in Hoenn when it's trainer was too impatient to train him. She just thought he looked awesome when he was shiny.
    Lvl: 47
    Moveset: Flash Cannon, Psyshock, Aerial Ace, Rock Slide, Brick Break, Take Down

    Species: Lapras
    Nickname: Laura
    Personality: Laura is not battle hungry nor is she peaceful. She enjoys the occasional rumble but spends most of her time in song. She likes to swim through the water as quickly as possible during midday. Otherwise she is quite lazy, almost casual. She is one of Ash's more graceful Pokemon and has won a couple Contests for her.
    Lvl: 48
    Moveset: Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Surf, Dragon Pulse, Sing
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."