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Well, with Surge dealt with, it's time for a few errands. I make my way through Diglett's Cave and back, stopping in Pewter to sneak into the museum and get my hands on some Old Amber, and also to get the HM Flash, useless as it is in battle. Next stop is Cerulean to pick up a bike (not the best way to get around, but the best available to me, I guess...) Okay, I'm ready to make my way to Rock Tunnel, picking up my next team member on Route 10. Its name is Vince the Voltorb, and once it learns Spark it'll provide me with some badly-needed Electric-type attack options.

Rock Tunnel

Using Flash to light up my path, the Rock Tunnel spreads out before me... It can be a rough place for newly captured Voltorb such as Vince, as many of the Geodude here are at the level where they know Magnitude. Still, I can switch it out for Bowser and he'll handle the Rock-types in short order. Besides, Vince still has a field day with the myraid Zubat flying about.

Finally making my way out of that annoying place, I make my way south to the next town...

Lavender Town

Well, the first obvious landmark is the massive Pokemon Tower. Seems like a good place to start... or maybe not, since my old nemesis Red is there. Oh well, experience is experience, even if it does come from a complete jerk.

Ooh, Gyarados... scary... well, actually, Vince (who's now an Electrode) says no and finishes off the beast in short order. The rest of Red's team is cake as well, and I guess Raticate's illegal evolution must've done it more harm than good since it's no longer here. Wonder if that artifical evolution had death as an unexpected side effect. Oh well, not my problem. Red takes off, though somehow convinced he's doing better than me. As if.

I'm warned that the ghosts in the upper floors are keeping all visitors out. With no other options, I leave Lavender to the west. This route contains the usual assortment of trainers who stand little chance against me (though the nerd with the Muk is pretty good for experience). So I decide to stick around and use the Vs. Seeker a bit before making my way to the next town...

Celadon City

Ah, Kanto's biggest city. Looks like I'm gonna be spending some time here taking in the sights. The big department store is a nice place to start, especially since they sell my favorite drinks, Lemonade. The old lady in the Celadon Mansion has some tea for me, which isn't as tasty as Lemonade but hey, I'm not gonna turn down free stuff.

Speaking of free stuff, the penthouse atop the mansion has another freebie for me... Eevee! A few more errands in town involve securing a Coin case from a man who's giving up his gambling habit. of course, I don't intend on gambling... I'll just buy the coins for whatever I need outright. And I'm almost up to the amount of money I need, thanks to Lisa's Pay Day.

Sounds like a good time to hit the Gym. The leader has a veritable army surrounding her, including one sharing the name "Lisa" with me and my Persian. So, when I, Lisa, used my Persian, Lisa, against Lass Lisa, it made for a pretty confusing battle, to say the least.


Anyway, next I meet Erika, wake her up from her snooze (really, there are Quality Inns if you're that sleepy) and proceed to lay the smackdown. Erika's a master of annoyance, using a variety of status inflictions. Can I, using raw power alone, overcome? Check out the video below to see.

Lisa vs. Erika


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