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    Ok this is the thing, you checked my trade thread, but the only purpose of my trade thread is helping people completing their pokedex and mine. Second I was traded a flawless Ditto which I use to breed all my pokemons, I waste hours hatching the eggs until they come out as I want and you come here and say they're hacked when you have a party full of shiny legendaries and use the so called "legal hacks" which as Akatsuki no Tenshi said is easy play.
    The only pokemon on my party that wasn't obtained this way was Jirachi which I got from GTS, I had no idea it was hacked, black version is my first pokemon game and I didn't know Jirachi was unobtainable with master ball.
    Finally if you want a rematch battle I'll be able today or tomorrow, otherwise I'll just leave this tourney.
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