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I'm very sorry for the delay. Here's Chapter 2!

Chapter 2 – Change of Plans

Fox-Way Military, Juno Region – Planet Fortune – Monday, March, 7th, 3535. 1123 Hours

The team walks through the two large sliding doors that led into a very large room full of equipment and weapons. The room was massive. It was like a candy store, but the military's kind of candy store. The place was busy, like a video game store on Boxing Day. But Loyal Team didn't have to go deep into the room, they just went to the Argonaut personal weapon storage room. It was where they stored their own personal weapons, that they had trained and fought with for the majority of their lives.

"I forgot where my slot is…" mumbled Sceptile. He was standing in front of a panel that, if activated, a metal arm would navigate itself to the correct slot-box and obtain the weapon, then bring it to the owner.

"I got your back old-timer," laughed Machamp, slapping Sceptile on his back. The slap was so hard however, that it forced Sceptile to his knees. Machamp then pressed a few buttons, making the two metal claws travel to different sections of the room, before returned to the panel a few seconds later. The claws let go of the weapons they were holding, dropping them into the waiting hands of their owners.

Sceptile was looking over his dual tomahawks, spins them in on his palms and puts them into his holsters on each side of his belt. While Machamp warms up with his four battle axes, one for each hand. The others also obtain their weapons. Poliwrath has his Spartan spear in his right hand and a Spartan shield in his left and a sword in his holster. Infernape spins his Naginata Spear and proceeded to the next room.

Sudowoodo was holding his Melon Hammer in his right and an oval rock shield on the left. Toxicroak has his Twin Hooks already on his back. Alakazam has his weapon, two spoons that he can enlarge them or shrink with his mind. Ditto has his Claymore Sword on his back and his Roman Centurion Shield on top of that. Alakazam was already at the doorway that leads into the helicopter bay. The team proceeds through the room where many other Argonauts are already entering their helicopters. The bay was filled with the sound of the helicopter propellers rotating at high speed and engines roaring.

Poliwrath then drifts away from the rest of team and walks towards a group of four Argonauts and one human. The four Argos consist of Commanders': Heracross, Blaziken, Medicham, and Abomasnow. They were the leaders' of the four other teams of the Argonauts: Spectra, Leggo, Fisto, and Benz Team. They were all talking to Colonel Danny L. Jet. He commanded the teams in their missions' and was well respected by the Argos. As he was seconds from joining the group, he took off his Spartan helmet and put it in between his arm and rib area.

"Commander Poliwrath," greeted Col. Jet, "glad you could join us."

"I'm guessing something happened," said Poliwrath, looking at the other Argos.

"Yes, the plan and situation have slightly changed. Ten clicks from the arena that you'll be entering, is New Goldenrod City. HQ added a second objective. Invading the city. Intel is reporting in that they have close to nine hundred thousand troops stationed there, maybe more. But the invasion happens after the rescue operation. Escort the packages to the nearest Earth Army Frigate. Then rendezvous with the main invasion force, then attack the enemy troops and city"

"How many troops are in the invasion force?" asked Medicham, her voice cool, calm and almost musical.

"More then them. I must be heading to headquarters. I will update you on the situation. Good luck Argos," finished Col. Jet, saluting them, and then walking away to stay clear of the helicopters.

The five disperse to the direction of there rides without saying any words to each other. The Loyal leader entered one of the helicopters that belongs to Loyal. It had Ditto, Blissey and Mightyena on it. The helicopter then takes off, getting air-borne as the other helicopters did the same. They then being their travels south to their destinations. Poliwrath looks at the computer on his wrist and presses a few buttons, then began talking to it.

"Tita Bot," said Poliwrath.

"Yes, Commander?" she asked.

"Please contact Loyals: six and eleven."

"Hailing Pidgeot and Gengar please wait…" replied the female, electronic voice.

After a few seconds, a voice can be heard from the computer.

"Go ahead, Commander," said Pidgeot.

"Six, eleven. Have you finished your current missions?" asked Poliwrath.

"Yes sir, we rescued a few of our homies from the sh*t hole, and are currently heading back to Fortune," replied Gengar.

"The air force have taken over the operation, and we're now returning back home," added Pidgeot.

"Alright. I'll send you the coordinate where we will be. Rendezvous with us as soon as possible."

"Solid copy, Commander. Hand on one sec…yea…nah…hell na! Dog, I ain't gonna' say you killed ten grunts by sending bees at them... I won't! ... aight, aight! I'll say that to him, if you'll shut the hell up, okay… Commander, Pinsir says hiiiiiiiiiiii! …You happy now? …aight. Commander, we will see you there, Gengar out."

"That goes out for me too sir," added Pidgeot.

The line goes cold and Poliwrath began trying to talk to Blissey and Mightyena. The two looked tired and hammered sh*t. Blissey had blood stains on her small hands and some on her pink and white metallic armor from surgery's she performed earlier today. Mightyena was coughing and sniffing, trying to unclog his nose. His eye bags looked heavy and his tail wasn't wagging.

"You two shouldn't have come," sighed Poliwrath, feeling sorry for the two but soon letting go. He then looks out the country side of Juno.

"Meh, I'll rest after this mission. This cold is being a Blissey to me right now," replied Mightyena, referring to just how much Blissey was a b*tch most of the time. Then letting out a mighty cough.

Blissey had been trying to catch some sleep but heard what Mightyena said. She woke up and gave him a death glare.

"Dude, you know I'm here, right?" growled Blissey. "You must have some balls to say that to my face," she continued, rubbing her eyes.

"Mind giving Mightyena an egg to heal him of his illness, Blissey?" asked Poliwrath, turning back at the two then putting on his shield into his left arm.

"F*ck no; I need it for the Argos who needs it for this mission. And since there are teams other then Loyal. I'm obligated to help them as well," replied Blissey and goes back to her attempt to get some sleep.

"Dick move, but it's understandable," laughed Ditto.

"Shut up Ditto! No one asked for your opinion," growled Mightyena, giving out a nasty cough and sneeze.

Poliwrath completely ignored the argument between the three. He was looking out of the helicopter at the country side of Juno. There was smoke in the distance, but it didn't bother him that the fight was so close to Fox-Way base. He then looks at the back of the chopper and observed the convoy of a dozen black hawks following his, then looks away and laid eyes on the on-going march of thousands of Earth troops below him. They were heading into the opposite direction. And many of them were badly beaten.

"Forty five Argos, I repeat forty five until we reach our stop. Do we have the ball?" said the pilot, looking into the cabin.

"You have the ball pilot, get us there alive," replied the Commander, putting his Spartan helmet back on.

Next…Chapter 3 - The Attack of the Argonauts…and Clones
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