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After defeating Erika, I head to the Game Corner. Crap, still not quite enough money to get what I want. Oh wait, who's that shady guy in black standing on the back wall? Let's rough him up.

Team Rocket Hideout

Okay, when a suspicious guy in black tells you not to mess with a poster, what do you think I'm going to do? Well, looks like I've stumbled upon a criminal operation here. This place is armed to the teeth with Rocket agents, too bad none of them are armed with particularly strong Pokemon... After fighting my way through waves of unimpressive Grunts, I finally reach the bottom floor and this guy in a spiffy-looking suit. He introduces himself as Giovanni and then says he'll introduce me to a world of pain.

Lisa vs. Giovanni

Wow, that "world" of pain wasn't that painful at all... Well, I'm done here, and with Silph Scope in hand, I head back to Pokemon Tower to unravel some of the mysteries there... but not yet.

First stop is the counter at the Game Corner. Now I have enough money to add my next team member... Ashley the Dratini. I'll use her heavily inside the Tower, battling old ladies with speech impediments and defeating all manner of Gastly. Nearing the top, I find out the source for the trouble... Marowak hasn't moved on to the afterlife and is stirring up trouble here. Well, there's no better method to help it pass on than to beat it into submission. Afterward, more Rocket fun, fwee. Then I meet up with old man Fuji and escort him out of the place. In return he gives me the Poke Flute, so it's west of Celadon for me.

Saffron City

But wait! That Tea I got from the old lady allows me access to Saffron City at long last... only to find the entire city overrun with Team Rocket agents. They're blocking many city buildings, but not the Fighting Dojo. Since I'm already here, why not...


After clearing the place out and claiming my Hitmonlee, I decide to move on... I'll have to deal with the Rockets later. West of Celadon, I find my way blocked by a big sleeping Pokemon. Fortunately, I now have the means to get it out of the way. So, I use the Poke Flute, wake up Snorlax, and catch the big lummox. Then it's on to Cycling Road, where I help the locals by clearing out the rather big pack of biker rogues who hang out here like they own the place. I make my way down the long hill and into Fuschia, where the next Gym awaits.

Fuschia City

But first, I'm going to take a detour into the Safari Zone, where I pick up Sadie the Exeggcute who will round out my squad. I also find someone's disgusting false teeth as well as the HM Surf. Finally! And it turns out that those teeth belong to the warden of the Safari Zone, so I give them to him to score the Strength HM. I can't help to think that the old guy's running a scam with this Safari Zone business. I mean, catching Pokemon in that place is such a pain and the methodology just plain doesn't work.

Next goal is the stretch of routes between Fuschia and Lavender, which provides little except a whole bunch of trainers to beat for fun, profit, and experience. Oh, and I also get the Super Rod from a nice fisherman along the way and the Exp Share from another unlucky sap on Oak's payroll.

Okay, back to Fuschia and my showdown against Koga. I make my way around the invisible wall and school his students, then get ready for the gym's head ninja himself.

Lisa vs. Koga


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