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@Mick Fizz: That's fine.

@Jasonwolf: Doh x3 Well, if you ever feel up to it, we'd love to have him.

Also, here's my app for my teacher. She's very... special.

Name: Elizabeth

Nickname: Isabel, Eliza, Elise, Lizzy, "That weird girl from before modern technology or something"

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Job: Ancient Johto History (Intern)

Appearance: (Note: Elizabeth looks like she's 10 years old eternally. This is explained in her history.)

Personality: Elizabeth is a rather shy, quiet girl, somewhat due to traumatisation as a result of being offset from her era. She can be somewhat awkward around others and doesn't seem to trust technology all that much. Her speech is somewhat limited and old fashioned at times. She was never very passionate about training, however many years passed and she became a strong trainer out of necessity. One might ask, how does someone like this become a teacher? In truth, Elizabeth is not the best teacher. However, her knowledge on the distant past was valuable enough to give her a recommendation and valuable enough to get her hired under special circumstances. Elizabeth is mostly concerned about food on a day to day basis, and the quickest way to her heart is easily through her stomach. She also has a strong desire for companionship. Of note is the fact that although she has been alive for 18 years she stopped aging physically at 10. This also had an effect on her mind, as she did not go through puberty and all that jazz. In short, her mind still has plenty of childish qualities to it.

History: Elizabeth lived a relatively normal life for a child in the pokemon world. She lived in Johto with both her parents. Her parents were pretty good to her. She didn't suffer from any major mental of physical problems, the worst of which was shyness, typical problems of that nature. She wasn't a trouble maker, or at all hedonistic. However, things did get interesting one day. She was approximately ten years old and had wandered into a specific forest in the Johto region without the protection of pokemon. However, despite the fact that the wild pokemon were quite known to attack humans at times she did not find herself under attack by any of them. Perhaps it was luck, perhaps something was protecting her, or perhaps both. Seeing as nothing jumped out to scare her, she continued to wander. Normally, you'd expect restrictions to be much tighter for peoples safety. However, what you didn't know was that Elizabeth lived in the past. That is to say, her time was long before the present. (That will make sense further down.) Her parents did not suspect her of going into the woods. She was not normally one to get into trouble, as she was rather prone to running away from confrontations. A couple of her friends had told her a legend of a specific pokemon that roamed there, and that it was quite friendly.

Of course, her supposed luck did not last forever. A wild zubat spotted the small girl and decided to attempt to drive her from its presence. She was alarmed to find a Zubat harassing her, nearly fleeing the forest had it not been for the Zubat suddenly and abruptly backing off. Elizabeth looked up, confused and startled to see a rather friendly looking, green, fairy-like pokemon floating down towards her with a curious let playful look on her face. It was Celebi, the guardian of the forest. Elizabeths eyes widened. She did not know what Celebi was, but the pokemon impressed her all the same. Something about this pokemon just seemed to radiate comfort, as if its mere presence said things were going to be okay. Her first reaction was to awkwardly fiddle with her hands before reaching out to Celebi with both hands, standing on her tip-toes as if that would help her reach the pokemon who was admittedly still out of reach. Celebi observed this for a moment. Seeing that Elizabeth was far from intending harm, she floated down into Elizabeths arms, being met with a hug. It was all fun and games from there, mainly with Celebi leading the way. Eventually, Celebi did what any playful, somewhat irresponsible time traveling pokemon may be prone to do. She took Elizabeth through time.

However, as it turned out a battle just so happened to be raging in the exact spot the two emerged. A flamethrower hit Celebi the moment she came out of transit, startling her so badly that she fled the area without even considering to take Elizabeth with her, let alone back to her own time. The pokemon attacking her simply had not had the power to actually take down Celebi, but regardless, Celebi was rather prone to running when confronted. Elizabeth was equally startled, and ran off in a rather random direction, making it incredibly difficult for Celebi to find her again. For all intents and purposes, Celebi never did find and return her to her time. She did however give Elizabeth a strange jewel (That does not seem to have any further purpose than to look pretty) before the incident that separated them occurred. Elizabeth spent most of the time after that incident scavenging. She managed to befriend a Meowth that helped her get money for food by using payday and allowing her to battle. However, for a long time battling was extremely difficult for her. She was not a great trainer, and she was left broke and hungry on multiple ocassions. Luckily, others usually had enough sympathy for her to help her out from time to time. Due to the way she had been living, Elizabeth is rather emaciated.

After a long time training through a crash course in battling "on the streets" so to speak Elizabeth gained a local reputation for her oddities, among which included the fact that she still appeared to be ten and yet had startlingly powerful pokemon despite this. One might wonder how this got her a place in The Academy. After a time those who knew her had become increasingly concerned by what they saw and heard. Elizabeth did not believe she was in Johto, even though she was. She had not visibly aged in eight years, and some had heard her speak of things they'd only read about. As a result it eventually got the attention of Gary Oak through a recommendation from locals in Johto. It was decided that if anyone could help Elizabeth it was the experts at the academy. Not only that, but Elizabeth was not living a healthy life, and she could greatly benefit from the free shelter and food offered there. The final driving force in the decission was Elizabeth's knowledge of ancient history. Thus, Elizabeth now serves as an intern in the strictest sense, though her condition has drawn concern from some of the other staff at times.


Species: Meowth ♂
Personality: Meowth is rather prone to stealing shiny things and food, though he generally behaves in the presence of his trainer.
Lvl(Max 50): 47
Moveset(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): Hone Claws, Icy Wind, Thief, Pay Day, Hidden Power (Fighting), Double Team

Species: Marowak ♀
Personality: Marowak is a stubborn lone wolf of a pokemon who likes to solve problems by hitting them repeatedly with a club. Her attitude has a tendency to make it very difficult for her to make and keep friends.
Lvl(Max 50): 50
Moveset(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): Belly Drum, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Outrage, Detect, Skull Bash

Species: Politoed ♀
Personality: Politoed is a voracious pokemon that uses her sticky tongue to her advantage in battle and ocassionally as a show of affection. She has the mindset that she's the big boss, and thus does not get along with Marowak /at all/.
Lvl(Max 50): 47
Moveset(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): Ice Beam, Focus Blast, Mud Shot, Hydro Pump, Hypnosis, Mind Reader

Species: Arcanine ♀
Personality: Arcanine is a loyal and affectionate pokemon whom is ironically somewhat lazy. She is however a fierce battler... when she's up to it.
Lvl(Max 50): 45
Moveset(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): Extremespeed, Morning Sun, Flare Blitz, Snarl, Close Combat, Dig

Species: Slowking ♂
Personality: Slowking is a calm pokemon who likes to observe the world around him.
Lvl(Max 50): 45
Moveset(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): Slack Off, Iron Defense, Calm Mind, Flamethrower, Scald, Focus Blast

I've also made the decision (After quite a while of thought) to integrate Hilda's club as part of the plot, making her a plot character whom will have restricted control privileges. (You'll need to ask beforehand. She'll be heavily involved in extra-curricular activities, but will also teach battling.)

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~