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    Miharu sighed from her position in the treetops, staring up into the sky. She was currently cloud watching as she had nothing to do. No trainers to battle, she had already read all of her books, and none of her pokemon wanted to spar with her. All in all, it made for a very bored Miharu.

    "I'm bored..." she let out in a slight whine.

    Sei, who was curled up next to her, sighed. She nudged at Miharu's hands and only stayed more curled up in her side. It seemed that Sei was very comfortable.

    Bishamon, in the next branch over, glanced at Miharu.

    Master, you really should learn patience outside of battles.

    Miharu huffed. "What's the point?" Miharu said out loud for Sei's benefit.

    Probably due to Sei being a catalyst, Sei couldn't read the mind of Miharu and the same went for Miharu, as well as Bishamon (and the rest of Miharu's psychic pokemon) couldn't read Sei's mind either. There seemed to be a block that was denying everyone entry. Sei was able to read other's minds, however.

    The point would be so you would not be so bored.

    Miharu scowled. "Tch. Says you."

    Says the world.

    Miharu was about to retort when a message was sent through the Aether Realm.

    "To any who receive this message, my name is Anthony Stagg and I am a Shifter like you. I'm not going to sugar-coat it, but I need your help to save the world. Please meet me at Mirage Island in Hoenn, as a Shifter you should have no trouble getting there."

    Sei and Miharu glanced at each other. Bishamon, who was not connected to the Aether Realm, stared at the two in confusion.


    Miharu sighed, before grinning. "Seems that I've been summoned. Bishamon, would you mind teleporting me 'n Sei to Pacifidlog Town and taking you and your other teammates back to our secret cave of awesomeness on Mt. Silver?"

    Heading to The Realm, I see.

    Although Bishamon had never been there, Miharu had described it enough for him in order for him to get the gist of the place. Although they really weren't sure what the name was, it got several nicknames: "Realm of Boring," "The Realm," "Realm of Nothing," "Grey place," as well as a few others.

    See you soon, master.

    "Make sure Nightmare doesn't blow the cave up." Miharu rolled her eyes. "Again."

    Then, Miharu and Sei were gone in a flash of light.


    After trekking from Pacifidlog Town in the Aether Realm for a few minutes, Miharu and Sei saw Mirage Island. They had been there only once, and that was on accident. Shipwreck. It was the last time she would ever set sail again.

    You would think that after the first three shipwrecks, I would learn, but noooooo, I just had to take another one. What the **** am I? A walking Titanic maker?

    Sei sighed. We really do have the worst luck with shipwrecks. I think the crews of the ships are happy now. On that last one, the captain was about to turn us away, hearing our reputation as every ship we're on, it sinks. However, you managed to bribe him enough. That week on the island wasn't fun.

    No kidding. Too bad we couldn't shift back then. Although, I guess, we would have to leave Nightmare behind.

    And that's a bad thing?

    Miharu laughed. Hell no. Anyways, it seems that no one is here in the Realm of Boring. I guess we should head out into the Realm of Thriving and Idiotic People.

    Sei sighed. You really suck at naming things.

    Shut up.

    Both Miharu and Sei shifted back to the Contemporary Realm. She immediately noted two of the people here and smiled, lifting a hand in greeting.

    "Yo!" Miharu exclaimed. "Since there's one guy and one girl, I'm going to assume that the guy is Anthony Stagg. Assume, because parents can be nutjobs and name their kids weird names."

    Sei nudged at Miharu and gave her a look. Miharu laughed at rubbed Sei's head.

    "Ah, I forgot to introduce myself. Name's Mizu-whoops, Miharu Mizushima. You can just call me Miharu." Miharu grinned sheepishly. "This is Sei, my sanity. And since I know Stagg-san's name, although I don't know his familiar's name, the only one I don't know is Lady-san's."

    Sei bowed her head towards the other two's directions. She rolled her eyes at Miharu who only grinned teasingly back.

    ((OOC: I can't wait to see Anthony's reaction to this Miharu. xD Also, Skymin, feel like having Harley at Miharu again? If you do, Miharu will only ignore her hatred and just start clinging to her just to annoy her. XD))
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