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    Name: Ryan

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Specialization: Magic

    Weapons: Dual Shortswords that can merge into a metal staff, Staff only needed for intense, powerful Magic.

    Personality: Ryan is very down to earth and peaceful. He believes that everyone has good qualities, even if there are none to be found. Ryan is a huge people person, but strangely does not have many friends. His friends that are few are extremely close and he is fiercely protective of them. Ryan is Irish and is very proud of his culture. Speaks fluent Gaelic.

    Appearance: Ryan has a stereotypical Irish complexion. Pale white skin, Short dark brown hair that spikes up in front, almost like a faux hawk. Bright Green- Blue eyes that change color depending on what color hes wearing. Ryan has a slight muscular build, but he isnt huge. He's toned from working all of his life.

    Ryan usually wears earthen colors, like green and brown and tan. He wears lightweight deep brown armor and although it looks flimsy, is incredibly effective at protecting him. His staff is handcrafted, separating in the middle creating two sharp dual shortswords.

    Additional Information: Ryan's go to tree of magic is Life/Earthen magic. He can do numerous amounts of spells but these are his main ones. The powerful spells are usually recited in Gaelic, because they have to do with the Celtic Tree of Life. Ryan falls under the category of Battle Mage, he can fight and use magic.

    Who do you remember?: Caitlin, Sister

    What memento do you have from this person?: Celtic Tree of Life Amulet
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