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Jeremy Kyle - Birmingham, England

Jeremy didn't take it too personally, rather shrugged it off as a joke, as Leon pointed in his direction and made a statement about not wanting to work with him. It was okay though, because Jeremy knew that eventually he would either win Leon over as a friend, or die by his hands, so it didn't bother him that much, at least he would have been killed by a fairly powerful guy. However all that mattered to Jeremy, and to his superior, was that Leon had accepted their request to join The Syndicate, which meant that Jeremy would get to work with Leon. He stifled a cry of excitement as his superior began to speak again.

"Thank you for accepting our....request, Leon," drawled their Superior as he drew a phone out from his pocket. The screen lit up for a second before going dark again and a few seconds later a masked voice erupted from the speaker, giving Jeremy a fright. His superior held it out in front.

"Welcome to The Syndicate, Leon Nef." the voice itself seeming more ominous by the second, "All I can say is that I am a big fan of yours. As a preliminary job before it becomes more....permanent, go with the teleporter next to you, he has the coordinates, and....eradicate any person you find there. Return when finished." Without another word, the voice cut off and the screen lit up for a second before dulling down again. Jeremy had only had a few instances where the Directive had talked to him personally, usually it was his Superior that did most of the…ambassadorial work between Jeremy and The Syndicate. Knowing that the Directive was talking to Leon through the call meant that whomever they wanted Leon to kill was of some importance to their goals.

"You heard the Directive,” the Superior spoke, “if you have any questions, consult with Jeremy, otherwise your job needs to be done.” Jeremy was happy that the two of them were going on a mission together, for a while now Jeremy had been on his own so it was good to have someone with him. However there was this feeling in his gut, one Jeremy chose to ignore that he knew he shouldn’t, that with the inclusion of a new person, maybe he was becoming redundant. For now he didn’t need to worry, unless another person with teleportation skills showed up, he was pretty safe.

“Shall we get on the road then?” Jeremy said to Leon before grabbing him round the collar, it only took a little more effort to bring someone along for the teleportation ride than it was to take himself. Whenever he teleported, he always felt a sort of wrenching in the pit of his stomach as he began to use his ability. Right before he teleported to where he needed to, he always envisioned where he wanted to go, and somehow he would smell the smells, hear the sounds and feel the place around him. In the fraction of a second it took for him to blink, the scenes changed from where he was, to his destination.

This time around, Jeremy was taking Leon to the outskirts of Moscow, where he had come from before he went to pick up Leon. It was getting later in the day and Jeremy was still not dressed for the occasion as a cold wind blew in from the east, making the trees creak and sway as if they had a life of their own. Up ahead Jeremy knew that a group of people were waiting, from the noise they gave off it sounded like three perhaps four people, maybe more keeping quiet. The group stood in a clearing a couple of metres to Jeremy’s right, but with the wind in the direction it was, the two of them could talk just above a whisper and not be heard.

“Okay, so the people in the clearing to my right, they are the targets you have to eliminate.” He whispered to Leon, pointing to where the clearing was, “if you get in trouble, just yell my name and I can teleport you out of there quickly, otherwise once you’ve finished fighting I will come out to join you.” Jeremy barely knew this Leon guy, only what he had been told about him and what he had learnt from the few minutes they had been together, but he felt like he could trust Leon, that despite what little he knew about him, he had faith in him.

“Good Luck.”
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