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    Open spot... my instincts about watching this thread served me well anyhow here is the rough draft I had written before. I'll go back and fix it when I have time, but I just happened to check the thread on my cell during my lunch break and saw the spot open and I needed to send a payment via Paypal and make a reservation so I thought I'd pop on here and post this real quick (since speed seems to be the name of this game...).


    Side: Gold Tribe
    Name: Kivir Sveenis
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Title: The Wanderer
    Pokemon Species: Breloom

    Kivir is quite distinct from other Brelooms first off in height. Standing at an impressive (for a Breloom) 5 feet tall, Kivir towers over the rest of his kin. His mushroom on his head also extends out further and droops a bit further down almost covering his eyes if you’re looking at him on an eye to eye level. His other distinct feature is his body’s green is much darker than the standard Breloom, and his red feet and arms are also darker in color.

    Kivir wears a long dust brown robe that wraps around his body that is open in the front and held together at the neck. Around his waist he wears a crude belt that looks more or less like a rope with several pouches attached to it. The pouches usually contain herbs and medicines. He has a crude amulet that hangs from the crude belt as well.

    Kivir usually has a calm look on his face, and is able to hold his emotions back due to his training. His overall demeanor is almost always calm and collected no matter what is going on around him, unless he is around a female that obliviously likes him and to a lesser degree a female he likes.


    Much like his demeanor he is calm and collected almost all the time. He is rarely riled up in battle, but do not mistake this calmness for a lack of devotion. He is completely devoted to protecting others and the goals of the Gold Tribe. He doesn’t like being the center of attention and prefers the role of silent protector instead of a hero. He is fully willing to give someone else the credit for his work to keep himself out of the spotlight. This in part has to do with his more humble side.

    The biggest flaw of Kivir’s is his shyness and how reserved he is around others. He has been alone for many years, and before that never had any friends other than his master. Because of this he is uncomfortable in large groups, and will tend to hang along the edges of a group quietly. Another side affect of his more isolated life style is his inability to deal with some feelings. The main one being “love”/”crushes.” If he has an attraction (or they are attracted to him and he knows it) to a female his calm and collected nature can quickly fade away into a cold sweat and nervousness when around them. He actually tries to avoid such awkwardness since it “looks bad,” and that alongside his lonely life style is why he has never been in a relationship, and likely never will.


    Kivir grew up an orphan, but that wasn’t as big of an issue as being a big ugly shroomish growing up. He was often picked on. To make matters worse he was also a hopeless romantic at this age and always dreamed of finding the one, but no female he liked would just close enough to him to touch him with a 10 foot stick. Often his professions of love were met with ridicule, and after so much heartbreak along with the teasing he began to pull away from others. One thing he never did was harm his aggessors. If they got too violent he would often use spores to put them asleep but he never retaliated. Strangely however he would defend others from the bullying, even if they were never kind to him. One of the Pokemon over the orphanage noticed this about Kirdir and one day took him to an old hermit that lived outside the city.

    The caretaker told the hermit about the shroomish and the Gallade quickly took the Shroomish under his tutorship. The hermit was an old member of the Gold Tribe, but unlike many of the other members he kept that fact to himself. The Gallade felt like the Gold Tribe needed to step out of the spotlight and protect others from the shadows instead of basking in their glory. He told Kivir he feared the Gold Tribe’s reputation and glory would bring their own downfall and end up corrupting some member’s minds and make them stray from the true purpose of the organization.

    For years Kivir trained under the hermit as a Shroomish, not being allowed to evolve for many years. This helped teach Kivir patience and discipline, and also allowed the Shroomish to learn how to use some very special spores that most Breloom never learned. Once he learned how to produce these special spores, and showed a high level of discipline and patience he was allowed to evolve. After he evolved he continued to train under the Gallade learning the arts of fighting. Many years (Kirdir was never one to keep track) pasted under the constant training of his master, but one fateful day his master told him there was nothing more he could teach the Breloom. It was time for him to find his own path, and discover his destiny. So Kivir set out on his own for the first time, and wandered the country side helping others, but this ended when Kirdir started to attract too much attention to himself.

    Fearing of becoming corrupted and just being afraid of the spotlight period, he wandered out outside the Alpha Alliance and took up residence along on the border where the Order of Neoverse had last been seen. There he remained, vigilantly watching for the old enemy to return. However that was not the enemy that appeared. When the Silver Tribe first appeared, Kirdir decided to continue to watch for the Order of Neoverse in case they tried to reappear when the Gold Tribe was distracted. When the Gold Tribe and Alpha Alliance was shattered by the Silver Tribe Kivir decided that helping with this new threat was more important to deal with than watching for an old enemy that might never appear. So he set out to find the other members of the Gold Tribe hoping he wasn’t too late.

    Moves: Spore, Focus Punch, Seed Bomb, Leech Seed, Brick Break, Sky Uppercut

    Notes: Officially Kivir is not a member of the Gold Tribe… he believes he is since his master told him he was and gave him the amulet, but in reality he isn’t.
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