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Nikolai Afon - Moscow, Russia

Nikolai listened to her and nodded as she spoke. That made sense, the Atlanteans being one and a half times immortal. That was an interesting thought, living over a hundred as long as he died of old age and not sickness. Then he had another thought. "So there is the AUP, and there is the Royal Family of Atlanteans. Is there any other organizations? There must be others who knew about the Atlanteans, I mean, us, before a week ago."

Another thought came to him. "And if there is any other organization, what do they want. Surely not all Atlanteans want to do something as...noble as unite the Atlanteans. After all, even Atlanteans can be human in nature. So, is there anyone who uses there powers for crime? I guess I am going towards the superhero/villain stereotype here, but is it true?"
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