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With Koga defeated, I can now Surf. There's a few things I need to take care of first, like a random trainer outside Cerulean Cave, as well as the Power Plant. At the end lies the mighty Zapdos, who isn't coming with me easily, Fortunately, I came prepared for it, and with some perseverance, Zapdos is convinced it's better off with me. Okay, now it's time to bring the pain to Team Rocket back in Saffron.

Silph Co.

The impressive Silph Co. highrise is loaded with Team Rocket grunts, as well as a few disgruntled scientists and a random Juggler, who need to be ejected. To my dismay, these guys are scarcely any tougher than they were before, and certainly no match for my Pokemon who are now past level 47 thanks to Koga. One renegade scientist shares his tale of woe of being shipped off to Silph's Tiksi Branch out in Russia. I would have felt sorry for the guy if he hadn't unleashed his Pokemon on me first. Regardless, it does cause me to wonder what Silph could possibly be doing that requires a branch location in Siberia...

Nearing the end of the place, I run into another unfriendly face... Red. And apparently, he infiltrated the base not to try to stop Team Rocket's scheme, but to ambush me. Okay, first, that's just plain stalking. Second, his priorities are awfully messed up. So I take great pleasure in beating him down once again. Once he's take care of, the next guy I meet actually has good news... he gives me a free Lapras just for doing something I was gonna do anyway. Hey, I'm not gonna say no. Finally I come to my old buddy Giovanni. He doesn't seem too pleased that I've interrupted his business meeting. Not that I care.

Lisa vs. Giovanni


Wow, once again Giovanni fails to impress. He makes a few more empty threats about how he'll return stronger than ever, then vanishes. Afterward, all the Rockets take off, and the Gym is ready for me to enter and challenge. After warping around and beating quite a few underlings, I finally reach the leader of the facility, Sabrina!

Lisa vs. Sabrina


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