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    Hmm; not the first time I've heard this kind of idea; but this one has been executed well
    However I doubt been able to buy your own house or property would be appealing; as in the actual games you can have Secret Bases - so I'd re-think that idea.

    Team Nucleo sounds cool, however try and event another way of making them evil - Team Plasma were trying to liberate Pokemon from trainers but did it through demonstrations; and stuff like it however you then have Ghestis's original plan - to rule Unova; maybe make a cover story that can tie in - instead of the Team being like Team Rocket or Galactic.

    Bike races sound fun; be cool to enjoy the cycling road once more; maybe recieve a pokemon with Extremespeed at the end (like the Zigzagoon from Pokemon:Box)

    I'd try and get some screenshot's up as everyone loves a bit of eye-candy; we can also help you more with them up :D

    Moreover try and go a bit more indepth overall; instead of having drab descriptions which are quite empty.

    Hope I've helped :D
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