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Sabrina's been dealt with, so I fly home to Pallet, say hi to my ma, then proceed to Surf south to Cinnabar Island, taking care of trainers along the way. Once in Cinnabar, I take flight again, this time to Fuschia. I Surf south from there to get myself on Seafoam Island. There's a certain Pokemon here that has my name on it, even if it doesn't realize it yet With some time and a fair number of Ultra Balls, I nab Articuno. Now it's time to tackle Cinnabar Island proper.

Cinnabar Island

After getting my fossils turned into Kabuto and Aerodactyl, it's time to check out the mysterious old mansion to the northwest. A mansion that is in dire need of maintenance and renovation, I might add. Oh well. After searching the place, reading up on some Pokemon experiments, and taking a few burglars down, I finally find the key for the Gym next door. How people challenged the gym with the key in this place, I'll never know.

This gym is a pretty funky place too, with doors that are deactivated by answering riddles, and easy ones at that. Supposedly you don't have to battle the assistant trainers if you answer correctly, but I just decide to pound them into the ground anyway onward to Blaine, who actually looks pretty cool with his sunglasses and lab coat. Old scientist guys are always awesome. Okay, enoght talk, on to battle!

Lisa vs. Blaine


With Blaine taken care of, I head out to meet... Bill of all people. He invites me to head with him to this chain of islands out who knows where. Now, normally a young girl should be very wary of a middle-aged guy telling her to go with him to some place she's never heard of, but hey, this is Pokemon So I say, why not, and we take this surprisingly modern-looking boat out there. There, he introduces me to his buddy who's working on this big machine in the Pokemon Center. This guy's known as Celio and asks me to run an errand for him while he stays with Bill to fix the machine. I also get a pass to explore some of the local islands.

But first, I decide to explore the rest of the island I'm on. After a quick jaunt south to collect a few items, I head north toward that looming volcano in the distance. After making my way through trainers and a hot spring with lots of old people in it, I reach the place known as Mt. Ember. From there I make my way to the top where another birdie is waiting for me... Moltres! capturing the fiery one is a bit easier since I can use the fact that it uses Endure to conveniently get it down to a single hit point, which simplifies matters for me.

With Moltres now with me, I head for Two Island to deliver the Meteorite I'm supposed to hand over. But wait. This guy's too distracted by his missing daughter to accept it. And since I haven't seen a single police officer (or Crown Vic police cruiser, for that matter) it looks like this is another errand for this errand girl... And just when I think I'm done, a Biker comes barging into the place... Definitely not a good thing.

On Three Island, first thing I notice is a woman being harassed by a pair of Bikers... my instincts were correct. Heading into the settlement, there's a pretty big pack of the ne'er-do-wells... time to take out the trash. Once they're finished, I receive a tip that the lost girl is up ahead, in a place called Berry Forest. Sounds like a lead to me, so I proceed through the path to the dark forest, battling a few scattered trainers along the way. I make my way to the farthest corner of the forest where I spot the girl... being harassed by a Lv30 Hypno. Of course it's no problem for my Pokemon, so I defeat it, then we are whisked back to Two Island to reunite her with her father who now takes the Meteorite off my hands. Now, I return to One Island, report the mission as complete, and head back to the mainland.

Only one gym left to conquer and it's the one in Viridian City that was locked earlier. Now it's unlocked, and looky at who the leader is... my old buddy Giovanni! Time to throw down one last time.

Lisa vs. Giovanni


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