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Wow, long post was long. So yeah, sorry for the late post guys, I have been working like 9-10 hour days this week, and got a lot more next week. So a lot has happened so far. Conjurer seems to have gone afk, so her character will be left open if she wishes to come back.

I guess that after this little hurdle of working hours, I should be posting more regularly, which means that the RP will probably progress slightly faster. I kinda want to get this RP finished so that I can bring out the sequel, there are so many plot twists and references between the two that I cannot wait until this has finished.

My next post once people have replied should bring more light to the AUP and Atlantean Royal Family as well as expanding more on the Syndicate. So are you really sure you are working for the 'good guys'!?!?!?!?
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