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Slap of an Ancient

As soon as Gladius had launched his Surf attack, I was off.

I ran through the forest, watching as the battle took off. It was only a moment before most of the Ancients had started attacking the area where the Surf had come from, so I slipped by while most of them were distracted. Even though many had ran off in the direction of the fight, there was still quite a few near the entrance. I needed to find a way by them without revealing myself.

I sat in the forest for a few moments, preparing myself with a series of Swords Dance. You could never be too careful, especially when invading a heavily guarded torturehouse. After a little while of thinking, I came up with the best plan that I could.

I stood up and glared at the Ancients through the bushes, copies of myself appearing all around me in the cover of the forest. They all ran off in different directions and began firing off attacks at the Ancients. Of course, the attacks would do nothing to the Ancients themselves, so the copies simply hit the areas near the Ancients, which was enough to grab their attention. The Ancients near the entrance ran off, and I ran into the doors. A moment later I broke the Double Team, slowing to regain my energy. Normally Double Team was no problem, but when I forced all of the duplicates off into different directions, making them perform different actions . . . it took a lot out of a teenage Absol.

I took a deep breath and resumed running, making sure to stick to the shadows and remain silent. I passed multiple Ancients that, luckily, did not notice me. After a few more moments of running, I had to stop and regain my sense of direction. I was in unfamiliar territory, with almost no prior knowledge on the area, and I needed to make sure that I didn't get lost. After I did a complete three-sixty, I started down another passageway that I believed was the right one.

And as soon as I turned the corner, I ran right into a wall, or perhaps a boulder. I took a step back and realized that it was neither - it was a Carracosta and Armaldo. Crap.

"INTRU-" the Armaldo began, but I cut him off with a Night Slash to the face. He stumbled backwards, hitting the wall and tripping to the ground. If it had not been for the fact that I was about to fight, more than likely for my life, it would have been rather comical.

"Let's not waste time lying down on the job now, Ulric," the Carracosta said as he glared at me. He raised his fin, swinging it at me from my left. I jumped backwards just as his fin would have made contact with me, so he ended up hitting the wall, creating a rather large hole as the stonde crumbled away.

Right, I thought, Carracosta have insanely strong jaws, and deliver extremely powerful slaps with their fins. I looked over the tortoise quickly, As long as I avoid his shell, I should be able to hurt him, but as for the Armaldo . . . , I glanced at the bug that was now getting back to his feet. His shell is a while other story. I will never be able to break past that, which doesn't leave me too many options. I jumped, kicked off the wall and used Night Slash on the Carracosta, striking the area on his neck that his shell didn't cover.

As I landed, I turned and used Psycho Cut, hitting the Carracosta in the stomache. I watched as the tortoise collapsed, not unconscious but at least stunned for a while, and I was about to turn on the Armaldo, but then I felt a tremendous amount of force on my rear end. I was sent flying, and once I landed I barely had time to say "Ow," before the Armaldo was looming over me. As he reached down, I felt the hair all over my body stand up as a faint electric current ran through them.

"Pathetic," the Armaldo muttered as his claw closed around my waist. He lifted me into the air, bringing his other claw up to slash me, and suddenly the faint electric current was amplified a thousand times over. A bolt of lightning formed and struck the Armaldo, causing him to cry out and stumble backwards once more. He fell down next to the Carracosta, paralyzed.

As soon as my feet made contact with the ground, I was off and running once more.

((OOC: Let's go, Defender~! :P))

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