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    Gladius Clipeum

    Ancient after Ancient they came, and Ancient after Ancient Gladius knocked out. More sweat was pouring from his forehead but, he knew he could still hold on a little more longer. He felt drained, but he promised that he can fight until his very last. He employed different strategies, carefully switching when he felt that the Ancients were beginning to understand what he was doing. Gladius kicked an Armaldo to his left and punched a Bastiodon away to his right. Suddenly, he was grabbed to the air. He saw three Aerodactyls and an Archeops bearing his weight and dragging him to the air. He couldn't use any attack, since he is held onto his limbs. He tried shaking his body, but the Ancients' grip tightened. Gladius could not believe it. He is a Snorlax, a huge Snorlax but this Ancients could carry him! Whatever happened to his weight!

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