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Originally Posted by Nijiri View Post
D'oh. I stand corrected. When I see animals personified, I always think that they've been transformed into in some magical way and haven't really thought about it being itself in the first place. Forgive my naivety, it just comes from my friends who talk about otome games a lot.

Anyways, enough with my excuses; I don't mind commentary at all (unless if you didn't intend to say anything in the first place, that's an exception too), mostly as long as it doesn't have a weird accent that supposed to annoy people on purpose, hahaha. Oh, I'll most likely approve of this, I'm sure.
OOPS I didn't see your reply there, sorry ;A;!!
Haha, it's fine. I didn't understand the concept of the game at first either. Well I did but... I thought you played as a bird too, but you play as a human lmfao.

Well see for yourself! I have a bit of a lisp, and I put a lot of emphasis on things that don't need emphasis buuuut those are my only weird talking quirks haha. I hope you do like it!!

Originally Posted by Roswell View Post
Plus is a ¥500 CD add-on with extra scenes, moar endings, and a new character! ...iirc. Don't really know about it other than a few major details, but they're huge spoilers and so those I will keep secret. Also Idk if you know about the Drama CD that's coming out or not but yeah. I think it only includes the original seven guys tho.

ANYWAYS um comments (in spoilers because kind of long, haha):

00:17 *raises hand as one of those people who screenshotted everything* I contemplated doing a video but Idk how I'd be able to do it.

00:50-00:59 ...Shouldn't it be last name first, first name second? But Idk I'm not Japanese nor have I ever taken a course in the language/culture...yet.

03:21 I KNOW RIGHT. /huge Ryouta fan...OK I like most of them but Ryouta's got a special place in my heart

05:21 How could hate Nanaki ;; Also I swear I'm the only person who thinks he looks a bit like Morty from Pokemon

07:13 B-but Sakuya ;; /didn't like him at first either tbh

08:22 True that. I have seen a few rock doves/pigeons tho

08:38 DID YOU KNOW HE SHARES HIS NAME WITH A POKEMON'S JAPANESE NAME? 8Db Throh; yes I'm really lame all right

09:22 ...OK I have to admit "Igiko" does sound like a good last name and "Sydian" sounds like a good first name so it works o3o


12:05 I have to admit that while I do seem to love the playboy types, I'm not a big Yuuya fan ._.;

13:59 Spoiler from the aforementioned BBL route... Yeah I know I said I'd keep them secret but hey. -->
What if I told you Nanaki (narcoleptic teacher) is yandere, and makes Shuu (the doctor) look tame in comparison? ...Yeah.

14:17 It's not ;; You have a nice voice and it's fun hearing your commentary!

15:46 ...And every time I hear that song now I think of him and I find it absolutely creepy ;;

18:51 Oh hey I get mentioned a few seconds earlier sweet 8D According to a friend of mine this is the bird that inspired Oko San: 1 and 2

20:23 You probably noticed by now but... At the bottom right-hand corner of the screen in plain English there are two options: "Save" and "Load". Also I think you can save from the drop-down menu but I forgot which one did it and I'm too lazy to check again ^^; /plus I'm a Mac user so Idk if it'd be different...probably not tho


I hope you do upload more! Like I said earlier you have a nice voice and the commentary's fun the puns in it are the best right and yeah. Go for all the endings! \o/

Yeah, in Japan it should go last name, first name. But I think since it's a translation, they switched it around? If you look on the name thing when my character talks, it shows Sydian. So They're still calling me by my last name, which is what they should do in Japan unless you're close enough to call that person by their given(first) name /rambles.

...I love this game, Narc Sensei is also Yandere? COOOOOOOOL. f u i like yuuya I'm getting his ending first. Mostly cause I've heard things about him and Shuu that makes me want to ship them and I'm all about the boys love desu.

Yeah, I noticed how to save about 3 seconds after stopping the video. I added an annotation to the video on the part where I'm looking for how to save, saying "I'm retarded, it's right here" lmfao.

I WILL CONTINUE!! I want to do one right now, but I just woke up and my voice is all gross ;^;

OH YOU GO ON LIVEJOURNAL, look at what name my friend is hogging.

Originally Posted by Truality View Post
Hello, Igiko Sydian.

"..we're late for school, but never again." Lol

Sakuya is full of win. All a proud pigeon should be. On the contrary, Nageki is creepy.

Wait, what do they even need benzine for? And then a CUCKOO TANK APPEARS.

There's a birdwatching club. Isn't that the equivalent of legal stalking.

Oko san looks... manly.

By the way, some music parts sound familiar... has that company developed any other visual novels? Because usually they reuse textures/music/sounds when they do.

Great job so far, I'm waiting for the next part! Hoho~
You haven't seen the half of Okosan's manly.

AND UMMMMM... Maybe?? I'm not sure, but I'm assuming so. They'd have to get the money to fun something so out there somehow, so it wouldn't surprise me.


Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
i am very flattered to be helping you attempt to date a bird my lovely chikara.
birds are so hawt
[taking a break, life is killing me]

paired with SYNDROME