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    Hey guys! I was experimenting and Idk if someone already posted this but you know how that outline always shows up that matches the background? Well to get rid of it instead of stretching/skewing your sprite then saving it don't. Instead just give it a background color and save a copy (or just save the image but I make copies just in case). Then do the steps you would in infranview, decreasing color depth, etc., then you stretch and skew both images (don't worry if the indexed one looks weird) copy the non indexed image and paste it into the indexed image and viola! No outline! But you still may have to do a bit of editing depending on the sprite and its pallete...

    Hoped this helped some people and sorry if it's a little unclear =)
    Well... Pokémon Black&White was a huge disappointment... so will anyone help me with my hack that's going nowhere fast?
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