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    At first I may encourage you to have some more blank lines so your post is better structured. So, one before the second-island part, the plot line, the fakemon, you know.

    About the idea itself: somehow I doub't your best friends just spent their time waiting for you. What do the do in that time? Do they have their Pokemon all this time? Then they should be some levels above than the start level, maybe about 8 or 9. If not, what did they do in their time? Red some books, specialize on something etc? That's the plothole I see so far.

    Also, something else:
    "Fireworks Factory – This is a large factory. It is the location of the Fire-Type gym, which is the 6th. Every night at mid-night, they have a fireworks show."
    While I'm okay with a everynight firework show, what would cost a huge amount of many, I really really think that it's a bad idea to have the fight with FIRE pokemon inside the factory, since they could hit the fireworks and then BOOM!

    When you start, I would like to help a little bit, constrained by my free time. (nevertheless I would like to get some experience.) But as I think, a hand that only helps a little, is better than no helping hand at all ;D
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