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Originally Posted by angelomanalo View Post
Username: angelomanalo
What you think of Dark-Types: Sneasel is my favorite!
Partners: Weavile,Mightyena,Sandile,Krokorok,Sableye,Zweilous,Purrlion,Liepard,Pawniard,Carvanha,Scraggy(Not kidding,got these in White!)
I cannot believe I did not see you! Well, welcome to the club angelomanalo.

Originally Posted by Houndoomed View Post
Been a bit quiet in here lately, but to be expected over Xmas, back on topic, Training around I noticed that Granbull and Luxray have very dark type heavy move sets, and also appear Dark. Granbull has a weakness to fighting types aswell so that one missed by a hair.

Christmas really got me busy...and I would sometimes forget of other clubs due to the stress the holiday gave me. I should have known better than to eat that candy. I agree with both Luxray and Granbull.

Originally Posted by miltankRancher View Post
we have all agreed that Granbull should be part Dark-type, if not purely. He looks just so evil to be a normal type.
Alright then. Then....what do you guys say if we put up Granbull up in the list? If so or not, any other suggestions?