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    Originally Posted by miltankRancher View Post
    Hydreigon and Absol. The former one has three freaking heads! That's like three times the power. And Absol. Just look at it. Single horn, white sheen, smug look. Much like sasuke (from Naruto)
    I agree with the Absol and Sasuke, both seem to look pretty serious and smuggy. Now, to answer my own topic, I would definitely go with Hydreigon. I mean, how would you feel if this thing got through your house....

    I would go with any other ones, including Houndoom, but my second would have to be Bisharp. I get nervous when I see blades and knives, and the fact his whole body is covered with them adds to the fact he can rip me apart easily. I have others, but those two are the only ones I have on my mind now.