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    Skye listened to Maxwell prattle on about the awesomeness of Volca, raising an eyebrow. Really? Maniac would pay that much for his weirdo? Hookay then. "Yuh-you're jeh-jealous?" Skye repeated slowly. Then he snorted despite himself, Rama cackling derisively. He wasn't laughing at Maxwell, not really. He was laughing at the absurdity of it. Of course people would pay money for a Larvesta, everyone loved rare things. And the kid wanted a Larvesta... good luck raising one! Even the calm ones were insane. Really of all the things to be jealous of, that was it?

    Then again, it was probably good that this guy didn't know any other reasons. It wasn't exactly something to be proud of, not even for the Pokedex.

    With a pause he realized Maxwell had invited him to go first. That might not have been the best of moves. Skye smiled at Maxwell. "Geh-het reh-ready," he said sunnily. "I hah-hah-have nuh-hothing to duh-do with thih-his!"

    That was when Volca swung forward on the string he had spat out earlier, flying towards Wilson intending to knock Wilson back into Maxwell's legs. This chattering was a waste of time. He was here to fight. He had been hatched by Skylar and Cameron to fight. No other reason was wanted or needed.

    Rama grinned nervously, starting to shy back. "Battle hungry idiot." Skye patted the fox's head where he knelt. The boy wasn't even looking at the battlefield. From anyone else this may seem like disrespect but like he said: Skye wasn't going to control Volca, even though he easily could. There was no reason to restrict his Pokemon like that against an opponent like this. Besides, he was well aware of Rama's wariness toward the bug. That was more important.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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