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    Maxwell chuckled at the sound of Skye's snort, he probably thought Maxwell was crazy for wanting a Larvesta. Of course Maxwell knew how agressive they could be, but he always seemed to have a calming effect on pokemon due to his lazy nature. Especially when it came to Bug-types and Ghost-types.

    Anyways, Maxwell saw how Volca swinged itself towards Wilson, the impact was inevitable. Wilson was knocked back a bit but quickly dug his feet into the ground and stopped about two thirds from Maxwell's legs. The Swinub looked up seemingly agitated and whipped up another small sandcloud with his breath. Holy f***, Maxwell was fighting a Larvesta! He almost couldn't believe it! He felt like a kid on christmas day unwrapping and opening all the presents with an never-ending anxiety of what could be inside. He couldn't help but giggle as he exclaimed:
    "Wilson, use Stealth Rock!"

    Wilson started glowing with a dark-brown, smudgy aura. This however, wasn't seen too well due to the Swinub's coloration. A pulsating vien appeared in Wilson's forehead and his fur got somewhat sweaty. Finding big rocks that were buried deep underground and then salvaging them by focusing your strenght into energy and pulling them up was extremely tough work. The Swinub then let out a small growl as eight big rocks covered in the same aura as him came out of the ground and placed themselves around the battlefield in a circular formation.
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