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    Originally Posted by Akita303 View Post
    When The digital monster world (Digimon) comes down with an unknown virus that can infect and "kill" digimon, the tamers of the monsters finds a way to make them real, thus, stumbling and intruding on the pokemon world.
    Digiworld of which season? Also, tamers like in "Digimon Tamers"?
    Originally Posted by Akita303 View Post
    Generation one Digimon.
    Originally Posted by Akita303 View Post
    He gives you a DigiVice that contains one of the three starter digimon to travel out and to explore the strange world of what people call 'pokemon'
    Seems like you mix things up.

    Originally Posted by Akita303 View Post
    It it us to the player to choose a side to battle against as there is only room for one specie of monster.
    Why would it be so? Why only one species? (And I'm very sure "species" is not the right term here as the Pokémon have different species themselves, I believe)

    So, which program do you think of using for creating this game?
    Also, say which references do you have to make us believe you will get things done? :D

    By the ways, except for legendarys there is no Pokémon that could compare it's strength with a Mega-Lvl Digimon

    Also Digimon must be able to envolve back, mostly after the fight. As awesome the idea may sound to combine two rival Anime series, the concept is just different. In additon, instead of having a Digidex or something you have no freakin' clue of the evolution families of Digimon in general.
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