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Having quit the Anime quite some time ago, I can say that I have no affinity with Ash&Co whatsoever. But I did spend enough time on the Internet and playing the games to know what people can do with the concept of Pokémon. It's perfectly possible to turn the concept into an anime (it doesn't even need to be 100+ episodes, 26 is enough if it's done well) well capable of entertaining the older audience with a story line, character devellopment and artstyle (it doesn't even have to change that much) comparable to some of the better Anime out there. I'm just not too happy with the goody-goody neverending loop that is the current Pokémon Anime. It's so predictable.
(Also the reason that I quit.) It is for this reason that I like the movies more than the actual series. At least the movies /tried/ to put in a more "mature" story line, sure Ash would always end up saving the day, but at least there was some plot. :B

I would just like it if the anime makers would remember that they have a share of first/second/third gen fans and give them something neat. There's like 0 possibility, but hay, one can dream, right?

I remember the Pokémon Specials like Raikou Legend of Thunder being more exciting than your avarage Pokémon episode. Though I didn't quite agree with Marina/Crystal's character, I loved Kenta. Yes, I want different Protagonists and yes, like said before, the Pokémon special manga would be a nice idea to use as a base. It's drawn somewhat childishly, but it definitally has some darker moments. (Like Blue and Silver being abducted when they were young, the original Pokéholders petrifying and go on~)

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