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Originally Posted by Karpman View Post
Well when I hosted survival, I just organized everything in a word document. That being said, I'm against putting the pools of players in a thread, since it really won't be fair and everyone will try to counterteam each other as best they can. The 'Arena' thing sounds cool, although I imagine most players would already have a weather starter, so perhaps you could only allow a certain type of weather instead?
Hmm.. True comment is true. But it won't stop any counter teaming if a mentor decides to tell their student the other players team lol.

Oooooooh. I LIKE that. Maybe we can have, like, "Arena: The Alps" where only Hail is allowed, if they choose to use weather :D

... I just had a good idea. And forgot it while typing. Hopefully I'll remember later haha


So points and gifts system.
I'm thinking along the lines of each win getting you two points. The only gift I can think of right now are potions. Anyways, the price of the potion would be something along the lines of 1+x, with x being the number of KOs that've taken place. So say the first Games have four clans with two competitors each, by the last two competitors, potions would cost 7 points. To me the system seems pretty flawed right now. This is just the general idea. If anyone has a way to improve upon, please say so.