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Wow! Everyone wants to be the good guys! Now why would that be....?

Anyways, finals are finally over! (See that wordplay I did there? :D ) And I have officially switched out of AP Chem, which gives me lots of time where I am no longer scratching my head just looking at problems trying to figure out what they are even saying. And that time will definitely be going into roleplaying, so expect much more from me!

@SV Just asking, is the invitation to having a good guy character still open? I would like some interaction other than just me spamming tons of NPC crap and stuff... plus I have an idea that would....well, I wont tell you yet! Muhahaha! Time to let the evil side of my brain start plotting.....

Now! Away to my secret lair of complete evilness and stuff! Dastardly powers away!!!
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