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    Will finish later. Done :D

    Gold Tribe

    Daricka Cambar




    Pokemon Species:

    Her flames, both the ones she uses in attacks and the one atop her head, are black with a midnight blue center. Her fur is red-orange, with her torso, lower legs, and above her brow being a snow white. Her fingers and toes are black, as is her brow. There are hard, golden surfaces on the backs of her hands, on her shoulders and knees, and surrounding his waist. The golden surface around her waist curves in the front so one end doesn't touch the other. Her eyes are a shimmering ocean blue. Her tail is slightly longer than that of a normal Infernape and the fur on it fades to a black at the tip. Her fur is ruffled and course all over, though the white fur is thicker and softer. The skin on her hands and pads is rough and hard, making it obvious to anyone that she is used to hard work. She is lean and well muscled.
    When her Life Flames activate, she is completely covered by black flames with the occasional flicker of dark blue. Her speed increases significantly, so that when she moves she appears to be nothing but dark flames, thereby earning her the title "Wildfire", for her fires spread as quickly as a wildfire and are near as deadly. However, using the Life Flames also diminishes the time she has left to live.

    She's cold and calculating, always thinking things through before going into action. She follows orders to the book, unless she thinks they'll hinder the main objective in some way. If the latter is the case she'll change the plans until they fit with what works in her eyes. Sometimes, though, she may let it go just to prove a point when the plan fails. If someone is getting on her nerves she'll ask them to stop once before she smashes their face in. She has no sense of humor and will just stare blankly if someone directs a joke at her. She doesn't share her thoughts unless she wants to. Despite her cold exterior, she would never ignore someone in need if she can help them. If she can't help, then she turns a blind eye and does her best not to think about her failure. She always takes full responsibility for her mistakes and never makes excuses of any kind, unless it is to protect another. There is very little that can make her lose control.

    Daricka spent much of her younger life on the streets of Gold City, abandoned and alone. Her Infernape father and Arcanine mother had both come down with high fevers during an especially cold winter when she was only 7. Poor as they were, they couldn't afford medication and slowly faded away, their bodies rejecting any nutrition. With no one to turn to, she took to the streets, her cold personality developing over the next few years. But no matter how bad off she was, she could never turn her back on others struggling to exist. Her soft heart cost her much of what she managed to dig out of garbage dumps, and she soon had to turn to thievery to satisfy her hunger.
    Daricka became more and more desperate as the years went on, so desperate that she even tried to steal money off of a Gold Tribe member. She was caught, of course, and feared she would suffer a terrible punishment for her crimes. Instead, the Gold Tribe Pokemon saw potential in her and took her under his wing under the condition that she would no longer steal. The Pokemon, a Zoroark with dark violet hair named Darius, managed to pull a few strings to get her into H.A.S., where she then began her training in earnest. She secluded herself from the other students, except for when teamwork was necessary. Many of the others gave up on trying to befriend her, and she would have been truly alone if it weren't for Darius. She always did the tasks set before her to the best of her ability.
    Not long after she had turned 18, Darius came home with a surprise: She had been accepted into the Gold Tribe. It was the last time she ever showed true joy. After that, the years seemed to fly by as Daricka rose in rank and recognition.
    When the Silver Tribe began their rise to power Darius was lost in the fighting. It was the only time, besides when her parents died, that Daricka mourned the death of another. From that day on, she swore vengeance on the Silver Tribe. When the Alpha Alliance fell, she scattered with the rest of the Gold Tribe, waiting for the time when they could overthrow the Silver Tribe.

    -Close Combat
    -Flare Blitz
    -Calm Mind
    -Focus Blast
    -Heat Wave
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