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    SU (Finished :3 please tell me if I need to edit/improve anything.)

    Side: Gold Tribe

    Name: Layton Sabara Igneel

    Gender: Male

    Age: 39

    Title: Dark Lightning

    Pokemon Species: Zebstrika


    Layton was born as a strange perhaps even half-shiny Zebstrika, one of his parents being shiny the other not, when he uses his electrical powers his skin flashes purple with stored electricity often giving him a menacing look while in battle and earning hm the tital of dark lightning. Through this fact he has come to believe that though his normal form is the plain zebstrika body of his mother his powers are those of his shiny father, thus his body glowing from the purple electricity inside him when charged. His mane is also slightly longer on his head compared to the average zebstrika and he wears a gold pendant around his neck, it acts as his Gold tribe symbol and he feels its brought him good luck in his life thus far. Apart from these fairly significant facts he appears as a normal Zebstrika.

    Layton has, since the days of his youth, liked to be adventerous, to try new things and do his best to be good at them, if it turns out he is good at them, he'll strive to be the best at them and if he becomes the best at them, then he'll become bored and desperately search for something new. If he can't become the best at something he'll move on regardless but he'll always have that hidden drive to be better and that will either bring him back to his previous goal, or drive him to fight even harder in his next challenge. In other words Layton is a perfectionist. Despite the fact he is getting on in the years he remains a cocky, flirtacious smart arse whos always making witty remarks, fighting his hardest at everything and getting perhaps a little too comfortable with any girl he finds moderately attractive, some may call him a pervert for this, he'll just say they're jealous of his young heart and lifestyle. When alone and left without no activity he'll start thinking about the events of his past and the good times he had with his old friends, this cheers him up if he's down but can also bring him a wave of sadness if he dwells too deeply on some things he'd rather forget. When around strangers he tries to appear as indifferent as possible and generally not caring if he's making a good impression or not, however if he sees a pokemon in need he'll go against himself and do his best to help them out. When with a group of individuals he considers his friends he will become extremely loyal and protective of them, often willing to throw himself into danger first in order to make sure his friends don't get hurt. He tries to keep the atmosphere in a group as lively as possible prefering to stay in the boundaries of witty banter and out of the boundaries of awkward silences. However when it comes to Gold Tribe bussiness his attitude will change entirely, and a strong will to complete his mission and fulfill his duties becomes apparent, combine this with his perfectionist attitude and Layton is a person you know will always get the job done.

    History: Layton was running as fast as his powerful legs would carry him, he could still hear the shouts and screams of the burning Gold city around him, when suddenly a wall of flame erupted before him, a louder voice broke against the chaos. "Stop right there Dark Lightning!" A Typhlosion bounded out of the shadows and stopped in front of him. The fire type growled menacingly at Layton. "You're not going anywhere." The he lunged, gripping onto Layton with his claws, the two fell and began a brutal battle, each of them clawing or hoofing with all their might... however Im getting ahead of myself, let me go back, back to the beginning of the "Dark Lightnings" history.

    Layton Sabara Igneel, renowned "Dark Lightning" of the gold tribe was born into a position of power and his recognisable potential and aptitude made him almost destined for the Gold Tribe. Both his Father and Mother were powerful Zebstrika renowned for their control over electricity. Both of them earning the title of "Twin bolts" as they were always together. However this bond was broken on the day of Laytons birth. His mother died during childbirth and he was left to be raised by his shiny father. His Father always felt a slight resentment to his son. However he saw his wife in the young Blitzle and wouldn't abandon him, they rarely talked and when they did it was strictly training. His father would always tell Layton that he was destined to be greater than him and his mother combined and Layton was determined to prove him right. Mastering every electric type technique his father taught him and even some non-electric ones such as the primarily fire type move, flame charge which was usually difficult for a Zebstrika to use and near impossible for a blitzle. Layton trained and trained for the first sixteen years of his life. Soon he started showing signs of his shiny electric powers and his father filled with pride, when he evolved his father knew he was ready and enlisted him to join the Gold tribe. Fellow members of the Gold Tribe would often ask Layton how he accelerated so quickly but he'd just smile and show them the golden coin he used as a Gold tribe symbol and say he was "just lucky". Though he didn't really know the true reason, perhaps there wasn't one. As Laytons life progressed he became more and more well known in the Gold Tribe and Alpha Alliance. The great "Dark Lightning", moving quick as a flash yet striking with the power of darkness. Layton always thought that this made him sound menacing, not that he didn't enjoy that, he found it funny when people would give him warry or respectful looks. However there was one pokemon who didn't think of him as Dark Lightning, but of Layton, a friend. That pokemon was Rodrick the Arcanine. Since Layton had joined the Gold Tribe he had been close friends with Rodrick. Often going on missions and tasks with him. However that all changed the day that Luphen “Auron” Augustus had left on his mission to the area outside the Alpha Alliance. Layton had been against the whole thing but Rodrick had insisited that it was for the better. "Progress needs to be made!" He would say. "But at what concequences Rodrick?! How do you know what horrors might be awakened if they go out there?!" Layton would reply. The two friends hit a rift that day. A rift that was never going to be healed.

    Fast forward in time to the day the Gold city is attacked. Layton and Rodrick, still not talking, had been sent on some errands when the attack hit, Rodrick had been severely injured and knocked out and amidst the chaos Layton carried Rodrick and made a break for the main gate. Fire blazed around them as various pokemon were tortured and killed Layton ran through crowded alleys jumping and ducking under falling debris with lightning fast reflexes. The gate was just ahead, Layton charged for it but reared back in shock and pain as a wall of flame burst into life before him. He stumbled and Rodrick fell from his back. Thats when the Typhlosion bounded from the shadows, one of the silver tribes eight sentinels, Allen “The Inferno” Fury. Layton had no idea who his opponent was at the time, and he honestly wasn't thinking about it when "The Inferno" lunged.

    As the two pokemon fought ferociously on the ground Rodrick lay unprotected a few feet away. Layton shot his friend a glance and the Typhlosion picked up on it.

    "Is he your friend Dark Lightning?" He mocked.

    "The allow me to put him out of his misery!" in a flash the Typhlosion was off of Layton and had formed a Fire Punch, he aimed it at Rodricks head and laughed.

    "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Layton cried, but it was too late. The powerful attack was brought down on the injured Arcanines scalp. Rodricks head was left covered in blood and his jaw dislocated. He wasn't moving. Layton felt a sting of hurt it burnt inside him like a fire forced into his chest, this hurt began to grow inside him as the Typhlosion laughed a cruel laugh, this hurt weakened him at first. However it soon changed. The hurt turned to anger and the anger to hate. He reared his front hooves up and smashed them into the ground with a force he didn't think he had, Layton felt electricity swirl around him and his body charging up to unnatural levels of voltage, his entire form began to glow a bright purple. Finnaly the Typhlosion noticed, he turned around just in time for Laytons head to smash into his stomack, Hard. The Typhlosion was forcefully launched backwards into a buildings wall. Layton however stood triumphantly, he felt a new form of power in him, the power of one of the strongest moves a Zebstrika could know naturally. A power of anger and pain, a power Layton felt more than appropriate for the current situation. It was the move, thrash. Layton charged at the injured Typhlosion before him and brought his hooves down again, and again, and again. Each time getting harder and harder. The Typhlosion tried to resisit but Laytons front was too fast and too frantic. Eventually the rage subsided and Layton felt extremely tired. He looked down at the broken unmoving body of the Typhlosion. "I.... I killed him..." Layton murmured. "Rodrick, I killed him, you didn't die in vain..." Layton heard the cries from the people of Gold City around him again and snapped out of it. He felt tears dripping down his face, but he knew he had to leave. He turned and ran leaving his friends dead body in the streets behind him. The war had barely started and already Layton had felt the cruelty it could inflict, but he had to warn the others, otherwise the Silver Tribe would have the entire Alpha Aliiance before anyone knew what had happened.

    However unaware to Layton a disgruntled and injured paw cursed the name "Dark lightning" and drove its claws into the Earth. Allen “The Inferno” Fury was alive, he was bloodied and disabled for now. But he was very much alive, and on that day he swore his eternal vengeance on Layton Sabara Igneel and reveled in his thoughts of roasting the electric types flesh in an unnending Inferno.

    Moveset: Wild Charge, Flame Charge, Quick Attack, Discharge, Thunder Wave, Thrash
    ~ Paired with Fire Heart ~

    Yes I really am so awkward I got the least likely answer on this test. A teddy bear pokemon I guess on the plus side... I'm cuter than everyone else *smugface*
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