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    Hey everyone~!!! Came on by to this lovely big forum you've got running here to share my completed fanfic.
    It's a bit long, but I dearly hope you'll find it enjoyable~

    Now... let me introduce my master project...

    Title: Arceus Drops - Remembering
    Rating: Mostly for violence and sexual suggestions
    Theme: Drama, Action, Comedy, Romance

    Main Characters: Ash, Anabel, Angie, Bianca (movie), Bianca (series), Bill, Casey, Dawn, Dice*, Espeon, Domino, Gary, May, Maylene, Misty, Latias, Liza, Lucario, Pikachu, Ritchie, Sabrina, Solana, Todd, Tracey, & (Secret).
    Side Characters: Brock, Cilan, Clair, Delia Ketchum, Drew, Duplica, Falkner, Greta, Giovanni, Iris, Khoury, Lance, Lucy, Lyra, Officer Jenny, Rebecca (Kanto), Team Rocket (Jessie, James, Meowth), & (Remaining Pokémon)
    Customs: Auburn City (location), Brace, Copper, Dana, *Dice, Fist of Kanto Tournament (event), Kate, Pokétab (object), Tsunami Fest (event), (Tsunami Fest Trainers), Tsunami Ball (object), & (Saffron City Psychic Guards)

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 Black
    Chapter 2 Training
    Chapter 3 Feeling
    Chapter 4 Change
    Chapter 5 Renown
    Chapter 6 Gifts
    Chapter 7 Freedom
    Chapter 8 Identity
    Chapter 9 Pride
    Chapter 10 Clashes
    Chapter 11 Sanctuary
    Chapter 12 Escape
    Chapter 13 Lies
    Chapter 14 Perspectives
    Chapter 15 Pieces
    Chapter 16 Duality
    Chapter 17 Distractions
    Chapter 18 Support
    Chapter 19 Guidance
    Chapter 20 Alternatives
    Chapter 21 Communication
    Chapter 22 The Purpose
    Chapter 23 Discoveries
    Chapter 24 Connections
    Chapter 25 Burdens
    Chapter 26 Worth
    Chapter 27 Consideration
    Chapter 28 Others
    Chapter 29 Goodbye
    Chapter 30 Commitment
    Chapter 31 Kismet
    Chapter 32 Collision
    Chapter 33 Accountability
    Chapter 34 Lament
    Chapter 35 Loss
    Chapter 36 Everyone
    Chapter 37 Nothing
    Chapter 38 Reflections
    Chapter 39 Affliction
    Chapter 40 Trials
    Chapter 41 Women
    Chapter 42 The Bond
    Chapter 43 The Servant
    Chapter 44 The Protector
    Chapter 45 The Bride
    Chapter 46 The Shadow
    Chapter 47 Where We Left Off

    Entire Thing For Download: Clicky
    Read Via Tumblr: Clicky
    Read Via DeviantArt: Clicky
    Read Via Clicky

    Polls: Clicky

    I hope y'all enjoy it!
    There's a Punch for every occasion!
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