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    I love this game! I'm training for the sixth Gym, even if I have discovered even where the seventh and eighth are! Current team is:

    - Charizard Lv. 39
    - Victreebel Lv. 40
    - Electivire Lv. 40
    - Porygon2 Lv. 39
    - Golduck Lv. 39
    - Onix Lv. 40 (When and how I can evolve him?)

    Where I do find the S.S. Ticket?

    Originally Posted by ChillinInYoCloset View Post
    This game is amazing, but I couldn't find a color Red rom, so it doesn't look as good, but it's still a great game. Nice job.
    All you have to do is Options > Gameboy > Check mark on SGB.
    Close the emulator and re-open Brown. Enjoy =)
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