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    Gladius Clipeum

    Berserker coughed up blood on Gladius' second punch. Vigil came in and, with a Swords Dance boosted Iron Head, finished him off. The Berserker was down, and by no means would it be able to stand up once more. His armor was besmirched with grime and blood. Gladius was sure this would be some of the last breaths of the Sentinel. Berserker was dying.

    "You think this is over? Ha....You think any of this will help? Even....ugh....even if you defeat me, and take Eternity....even if you somehow defeat the other Sentinels, and make it all the way to Silver City....hahaha...there is still...Auron, and none of you...ugh ahaha....none of you can defeat him. He cannot be stopped, he cannot be fought...hahahahahahahaha....ugh....HAHAHAHAHAHA-" whatever Berserker, no... Armoid was going to say was lost. Vigil immediately executed the double-dealing Gold Tribe member with a Guillotine.

    "So you pass, Alex Ares, "Armoid", from this world. May your spirit find peace in the halls of immortality..." Vigil silently said, staring at the carcass of the dead Sentinel. There will be no rituals for him because of his double crossing. One Sentinel down.

    "Come on, brother. This battle isn't over yet. Defender is tough. He'll be back, once he's healed, he'll catch up to us. We have to go see if the rebels are alright." Gladius was far ahead of him. Gladius ran off away from Alex. In his mind, all he saw was the war, and Eternity City' liberation. He felt he could defeat any Sentinel that will come his way. Gladius smacked all Ancient he could see, defeating them in one hit, and not giving them a chance to hit back. Vigil was also doing well, his hits doing more damage than before. So this is what i call adrenaline rush.

    "Right! Let's rejoin Vigil and Sword and Shield!" a shout arose from his side. He looked at that direction and saw Speculum in his Grovyle form, and a hooded figure, leading the rebels. Could this be Rey? Gladius was momentarily distracted, but that moment proved to be disastrous. A Kabutops managed to pin him down on the ground with its scythes. An Anorith scuttled beside him and sent a Rock Blast, smack right in his face.

    "Ow!" Gladius cried out in pain as each rock hit him. Even though it is small, the Anorith could do so much damage on him. Gladius tried wriggling free of the Kabutop's scythe, but it was pressing much harder. He felt his skin break, and a trickle of wet blood flow down his back. Is this how I am going to die? A Carracosta saw the commotion and approached the pinned Gold Tribe member. Now he was out of the view of the others. He must do this alone, or die. The Carracosta bit down on top of the Snorlax' head. He roared in pain.

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