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When I hear the word "trap" in reference to transsexual people, I think of this:

Originally Posted by TwiDragon View Post
Glad I got some response ^.^
Yeah, the words themselves don't offend me personally, I just get a dirtier feeling towards them. I perfer the term transgendered, crossgendered, or crossdresser.
Is grammar naziing acceptable here? xD If so, you're not supposed to say "transgendered" or "crossgendered". The "-ed" is unnecessary and incorrect. Just something I've learned and now wish to pedant people about. /wut

Also here's this:

We're turning into a trans thread a lot lately. o3o
#167: Spinarak - The String Spit Pokémon
Bug/Poison ~ Bug eggs
1'08" ~ 18.7lbs ~ 50/50

It lies still in the same pose for days in its web,
waiting for its unsuspecting prey to wander close.

Abilities: Swarm or Insomnia or Sniper
Moves: String Shot, Scary Face, Shadow Sneak, Pin Missile
Locations: Routes 2, 30, 31, 37 (night)
Other names:

jp: イトマル (Itomaru)
de: Webarak
fr: Mimigal
ko: 페이검 (Pe'igǒm)