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    EDIT: Foget about it, I found the solution I wonder why I did not try this earlier: Compatibility Mode. Now A-Text runs smoothly Now I could use a .ini for a german FireRed...

    Whatever, new question:
    I want to make it possible to run in houses, following this:
    BUT I don't know how to do this, can anybody pls help me?
    The German FireRed INI most likely doesn't exist. You would have to have some one make it for you. Or just hack an English version and translaate it to German.

    As for the running inside buildings, I had seen that thread long ago but discovered a MUCH easier way of doing it. It won't be the same since you have the German FireRed though but if you use an English version you would go to the offset 0xBD494 in a HEX Editor and change the value from 08 to 00.

    Originally Posted by quickpokemon View Post
    when I was play testing my hack (fire red) while walking along route 15 my game just freezes. I didn't really do anything major that I haven't done to any other route (such as ad any scripts or change trainers). Why would this happen? Is there a way to fix it?
    Well that doesn't help us much. Did you change any tile behavior bytes? Maybe a image of A-Map in the Events tab would help us figure out your problem.

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