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    Alice Crenshaw

    Alice smiled again when she heard the other kids greeting her. He felt embarassed about that, but her smile pretty much covered it up. She looked at everyone there, and recognised one of those kids as Mark, the boy who was with Valorie and her the previous night.

    "Hi, Mark! Hi, everyone!" Alice then said happily, "Nice to meet you all! I'm Alice by the way!"

    She saw some Pokémon were focused on a Destiny Knot, including Mark's Sableye. Jello wanted to go over there and introduce himself, but was too shy because of what they'd say about...well...him being purple instead of green. Alice noticed that her Solosis was lost in thought, and giggled before wrapping her arms around him and picking him up. Despite being startled, Jello actually liked this and snuggled up in her arms.

    Then Alice noticed one of the kids was doing something else, as if he was in another world. She looked at Jello and let go of him for a second. Once Jello was no longer in her arms, she walked up to that boy, who was scribbling on a piece of paper.

    "Hi!" she said, "Whatcha doing?"

    Jello meanwhile floated up to the group of Pokémon. "H-Hello. I'm J-Jello." he said timidly, before recognising Mark's Sableye. "Hey Snype." he added.

    Jimmy Vincent

    Jimmy held the Egg tighter as it shook even more violently, with an annoyed expression on his face. He narrowed his eyes and tried to hold it even tighter when something he didn't expect happened. The Egg was sent flying up to the ceiling! His eyes opened when he felt that the Egg wasn't in his arms anymore, and opened wider when he saw that it was about to hit the ceiling. But luckily it stopped going up as it was about to hit it. Then, it fell down because of gravity.

    "I got it!" Jimmy barked.

    He ran to catch his Egg before it hit the floor and something horrible happened. But as he was about to catch it, he tripped over, and fell face down on the floor. He closed his eyes, convinced that he would be unable to save his Egg and that something awful would happen to it.

    But what he didn't know was that the Egg started glowing a second after Jimmy fell down. The light was blinding, but, then again, Jimmy's eyes were already closed. Could it be that the Egg...?

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