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Hiromu finished off his meal and put his bento box away, pulling out notebooks and his Pokedex if necessary. He'd feel a light shudder from his Pokeballs before a hand rested to have them stop. His partners were feeling excited. That was good. The boy was curious to see what Mr. Wolf had in store in his lesson today. Considering they were in the half-court battlefield, it might be interesting to see if they were to have any battles today. He'd just hoped that he wouldn't fall asleep.
Luco's Appearance:

Pokemon Trainer Academy RP Soundtrack, Hiromu Sakura:
Blue Bird by Megpoid Gumi(Main Theme)
Champion of Aura!
Dark Ruler
Keep Your Cool
I'm Getting Serious!
Just Another Day
The Tables Have Turned!
I Swear I'll Protect You!!
Pokemon Trainer Acadamey Team:

Luco(Lucario): Lvl: 20 Moves: Aura Sphere, Metal Claw, Extreme Speed, Calm Mind, Swords Dance, Iron Defense

Jellal(Zoroark): Lvl: 20 Moves: Faint Attack, Foul Play, Night Slash, Night Daze, Extrasensory, Shadow Claw

Haku(Glaceon: Lvl: 18 Moves: Icy Wind, Hail, Blizzard, Frost Breath, Wish, Trump Card
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