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    Alexis answered Flora's look with words, which confused her. The whole point with the look was to be subtle so that no one around would notice. But she didn't really want to embarrass anyone more then she'd already had, so she dropped the subject. Then a new Pokemon arrived. Wow, what kind of Pokemon was that? Hmm...maybe a psychic one?

    ''Hi there! I'm Flora.'' She strolled up to Jello, as Snype had called him, and introduced herself happily. ''If you don't mind me asking, what species of Pokemon are you?'' She looked at the supposedly psychic Pokemon with a curious expression. As she awaited a response, Flora turned to Snype when he talked about held items again.

    ''Well, if you want, maybe I can get Oscar to explain a little about it to Mark? He knows pretty much about it, I think.'' She suggested with a smile. Actually, she didn't know how to do that. Oscar definitely didn't understand her and she doubted that any human could understand Pokemon speech. Oh well, she'd find a way.
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