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    I wish to join. (lol)
    Name: Tarra
    Age 18
    Pokemon Species: Mightyhina
    Newborn or Entrenched Mechanists: Entrenched Machanist
    Job Title: Declarum Forces soldier
    Appearance: Tarra's fur is darker than most mightyhina's. Her body is large, (NOT fat) and muscular. Her long tail plumes out from her behind. Her armor is black, and quite shiney. She wears a helmet that covers her ears, and the visor is uneqely detailed. Metal gloves/ shoes cover up to her ankles. Her toes are sticking out, with the dagger-like claws. Tarra's torso is covered with normal body armor. She wears a bag slung over her shoulder. It does not get in the way when she runs. Her eyes are green/blue, and one is blind.
    Personality: Tarra's mysterious fighting has to do with her past. Her past was filled with sorrow and bloodshed. This causes her personality today. She is brave, and strong. She always tussled with her two older brothers. That also is the cause of her being so competitive. Six of her friends died early in her childhood. That couses her to be over protective, sassy and (sometimes) mean. Six years of pain taught her to feel nothing. She is a good fighter, as well as a friend. She is kind, sweet, and loving. Her strong personality can be frightening, but she is a good ally.

    Six years of hard training has made her as hard as stone. She seems to have no feelings, but she only cares for those she loves. In trouble? no problem. Her instinct is to help. She once dove of a bridge to save a pokemon.
    Once her mother died, she was hard as stone. She was forever changed, forever stong. She had lots of hope, but no trust. Her hard heart did break when her older brother disappeared, she wept and started running. Her running helped to run off steam. She can run so fast. Her legs are thick with muscles. After a fight, she had one eye blinded. That too, sent her running.
    History: Tarra wasd born in a small forest. She lived there untill her mother died. Her older brothers joined the army. She too, tried. But everytime they rejected her. Angry with her brothers, the army, and just about everything else, she ran. She trained. She even atarted to learn how to fight. Once she retuned to her father, he was so proud. He taught her all his skills.

    Once her brothers left, she started to train. She trained for many days. After a while, she began to run. Her legs were a blur as she glided over the landscape. With long strides, she plowed through the forest. Dodging trees wasn't too hard, but once in a while, she was slapped by a branch. She came across the battle, and fought against the army. She was blinded in one eye that day, and never trusted anyone completely.
    Moveset: Bite, Scratch, and Shadow ball
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