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Originally Posted by Alina_Mau View Post
SO! I finally got my gallery made. XD I'm really comfortable with trainer sprites and it doesn't really matter what size, just let me know and I'll see what I can do. If you want you could also have me do a tester sprite in the size you need. :3

Gallery here!

WoW, your trainer sprites I like... I don't really have fakemon on this game, so no need for Pokémon, you could always have a go at this:

Need a battle sprite for her.

Size 128x128, if you could do her in a sexy-ish kind of pose, then that will fit nicely with her character in-game (not a problem if you can't, she's based on my friend and she is real pretty, too much of a tease in all fairness haha)... You can't really tell, but shes wearing a green vest, pink skirt and blue shoes, she has a yellow headband with a pink flower in her left side... If there is any other information you need, let me know.

She's one of my main characters, but without a battle sprite shes quite useless haha. X