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Wymsical's SU (NPC)

Side: Silver Tribe
Name: Sade Frost
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Title: Frostbite
Pokemon Species: Froslass


Frost has a few unique features, setting her apart from the rest of her kin. Her physical body itself is that of the average Froslass, standing-or floating- at 4 "03" in Imperial height, and weighing the surprisingly light 58.6lbs of any Snow Land Pokemon. However, it is very notable that the two icicles upon her head are significantly thicker and higher than those of a normal Froslass. To most other Pokemon, this is a deformity, but to Frost, it signifies her leadership. These icicles have earned the nickname 'The Devil's Horns'
While most Froslass have an oval hole surrounding their eyes, Frost's hole seems to be cut slightly at the top, making it seem as if she's angry. While it does not give the illusion most of the time, when Frost is angry, the look can be rather intimidating. Another thing unique to Frost is her short ribbon, located around her 'torso', which is really just a hollow shell. While most Froslass have a big ribbon, Frost's is rather short. Shorter than it should be. It is also yellow. One thing she hates is you pulling at her ribbon, she will freeze you if you do. The ribbon is an extremely sensitive part of a Froslass's body, despite the fact that it looks artificial, it is just as important-and valuable-as a Spoink's pearl.


-Positive Traits-

While there is not too much to say that is good about this person, it is notable that she is merciful. When she bests someone in combat, she will offer them a choice: Die or work for her. Although most would say mercy makes you look weak, Frost doesn't care what other people think. She is not very worrisome, thinking she can handle whoever she meets, and is not afraid of some uprising either. Her army of Ancients and Silver Tribe members is too great for that.

-Negative Traits-

Frost's main negative traits is that she has too many negative traits. Frost is vain, overconfident, and cruel by nature. She loves seeing others' pains, especially if that pain came from her own hand. Torture could be seen as Frost's favorite hobby. It may have been mentioned that Frost offered her captives a job as her slave, but not before torturing them to say yes. In fact, her cruel, sadistic heart is what compelled everyone to call her by her last name only: 'Frost'.
Frost is very skilled in combat, she uses her arsenal of moves, combined with her Snow Cloak ability and elegant fighting manner to confuse opponents. She uses the art of deception to win her battles, sometimes driving her opponent insane with lies. Then, when they are most weak, she will strike a devastating blow. Often killing her opponent in one blow depending on how powerful they are.

People sometimes dare to call her the cowardly sentinel, or the lying wretch. This is when she gets annoyed. People stopped calling her that mainly because her temper tantrums involve killing them all, or worse. Her cruel, sadistic punishments made her feared in the eyes of enemies and underlings alike. She commands one eighth of The Ancients, and one eighth of the Silver Tribe. Her armies are mainly used to seek and destroy enemies, and are mainly composed of spies and double-agents.


Frost loves others' pain. Whether it is a close friend or an enemy in pain, she will laugh and stand by. It's almost like she feeds off of pain. She tortures anybody who stands in her way, only further filling her hollow stomach.

Frost is known for the choice she gives to her enemies after torturing them in her very own torturehouse. 'Die or serve me' she will say. Only those with the greatest pride would refuse, and be killed. In truth, Frost longs for someone who would say no to her, they are only more fun to kill. First, she would play with them, lie to them, get them to beg her to be killed. Then, she would leave them to rot in prison, until either they kill themselves, or Frost finally gets around to it. The torturehouse prison is arguably the worst place in Silver City. It smells or rotting Pokemon-whatever that Pokemon may be made out of-and worst of all, the cells are about as large as a broom cupboard. The only air let in there is the musty smell of Rattata droppings and corpse, new screams are heard every day from the torturehouse mainroom where Frost can be found torturing someone else yet again. The prison is mainly a long hallway, with about 107 little cells. Each day another prisoner dies, and is left in there until the monthly 'Cleaning day' when rotting Pokemon are thrown out and surviving Pokemon are killed.

Frost loves another thing-herself. As mentioned before, Frost is a very vain Pokemon. She believes herself to be the greatest of the sentinels. Although she never expresses this aloud. Her icicles are a sign of experience and power, and her short yellow ribbon is a sign of her elegance and beauty.


Frost dislikes others towering above her. Whether they really are or not, she will eliminate anybody who opposes her. Her superiority it unmatched, except by the other sentinels. She has great respect for the other sentinels, but still considers them her underlings. The only one she sees above her is Auron, their leader. She willfully grants any of his wishes. Aside from Auron, practically everyone is her underling. Though she is silent and does not express these opinions out loud.


-Before The Silver Tribe-

Surprisingly, Frost was born a kind, gentle Snorunt. She was loved by all around her, and her Glalie parents were proud of her. From birth she had exceptional fighting potential, and grew up with everything she could ever want. At the age of ten, she enrolled in the Gold Tribe Academy, an Academy formed over a hundred years ago for a future generation of Gold Tribe members. She was a great pupil in many subjects, while she had competition from others, she graduated quite early and successfully. Leading to her beginning days in the Gold Tribe. Unlike the Academy, real Gold Tribe work was rigorous, they acted as a higher rank of police most of the time, taking on things that the police couldn't. After a few years, it was impossible to get further in rank in the Gold Tribe without evolving. But Frost didn't want to be a Glalie, instead, she wanted to be a Froslass. You see, Frost had always been an elegant battling type, she did not wish to follow the brutish ways of the Glalie, Froslass was the form meant for her. However, various Gold Tribe members encouraged her to become a Glalie for one reason or another. This very much annoyed the 27 year old Snorunt.

Finally, on her 30th Birthday, someone, their name and face forgotten to Frost, offered her a Dawn Stone. That was when everything changed. Upon having the Dawn Stone laid next to her, she transformed into a gleaming Froslass, but this new form was not gleaming at all. Over the next few years, Frost started to become more and more mean. She ignored all those around her, only focusing on power, and getting higher in rank. She started to feel hate toward other Gold Tribe members, for one reason or another.
Finally, the day came when she got high enough in rank to serve by Auron. Despite being greatly honored, the Froslass thought nothing of it. What she really wished was to get near to Rey, the leader of the Gold Tribe. By now, all sorts of disgusting, fiendish thoughts had started going through her mind.

The quest with Auron and the rest of the Gold Tribe members was harsh, they had to endure extremely hot temperatures in deserts, which took a horrible toll on an Ice-Type Pokemon like Frost. Then, they stumbled across what would change everything for everyone...

-The Ancients and the Silver Tribe-

Frost and company returned completely changed. Frost was made even more evil than before, it was not long before she and the others started invading cities. Frost led the invasion of Gravel City, Shine City, Eternity City, and, along with the other Sentinels, even took part in the great invasion of Cape City. Finally, when Gold City was theirs, Auron, Frost and the other Sentinels started the Silver Tribe, the conducted horrible experiments on Gold Tribe members to brainwash them and turn them to Silver Tribe underlings. They demolished the school of which Frost had formerly been a student at- The Gold Tribe Academy. The rest of the story is well etched into history.

Soon after a stable rule had been established on the Alpha Alliance, Frost had her underlings build her a Torturehouse. The torturehouse is a well-known landmark in Silver City, screams can be heard from it day after day. No houses are built miles around it because of the horrible smell coming from it. It can be smelled miles away, the smell of death. Only those most willing work there, most are Silver Tribe members who have done something to be punished.

Moveset: Hail, Blizzard, Confuse Ray, Ominous Wind, Ice Beam, Protect

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