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    General comments, moo. :3

    In the 24 tag, your colors are washed out, mate. There's a dullness to it, and it hurts your tag a lot. I don't know how you'd get it though; too much adjustment layers, maybe? Regardless, it's a nice concept and I like the texture spam at the bottom and the blue background. The thing at top-left isn't great though, and the square-lighten on the focal isn't really attractive. Again, colors are the main problem here, and the tag could be miles better if it were more vibrant.

    If the whole thing in the Paint tag 100% handmade, you're fantastic. Again, the colors look washed out. From what I've seen, soft-brushing is never great as a color tool unless it's for lighting, and this is what I see with the orange soft-brushing at the right side.

    As for the Transist tag, get rid of the text, the foreground rust and the focal's platform thing and you get a great, atmospheric tag I reckon. It could benefit from greater contrast though.

    Good job, matey. KIU. =3

    P.S. And about that text tag, you'll have to wait out a bit, good sir. Haven't been feeling like doing one lately, actually, but I'll have it done soon. c:
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