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    Olivia Trace

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Title: Dryad

    Pokemon Species: Lilligant


    Olivia was born as a normal Petilil, and grew up to be a normal Lilligant. What, were you expecting something else?

    Personality: Before anything else, Olivia is a member of the Gold Tribe. No matter how she seems to act on the exterior, she is a chivalrous, soulful firebrand at heart, and has a very strong sense of justice. She hates to see the weak being oppressed by the strong, and isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She is nothing if not loyal to her nation, and is bent on defeating the Silver Tribe and restoring the Alpha Alliance to its previous, radiant glory.

    That said though, Olivia, being eighteen, is also a ditzy airhead and a bit of a klutz. She tends to act on impulse rather than really thinking things through, and often jumps to misled conclusions. She's also not known for her intelligence, and prefers to skip any sort of planning and jump straight into action, which often earned her frowns and scoldings from her fellow brothers and sisters—all of which, to their chagrin, she promptly ignores.

    Her battling style clearly shows that she's just a greenhorn—being eighteen, of course, this impression is accurate, in its own way. However, those who knows Olivia's raw power and strength should realize that the young Lilligant is not to be underestimated. While she strikes into battle without a semblance of a plan, this often works out very well for her because she's an apparent master at improvising in the heat of battle. As a result, her battling style becomes the definition of unorthodox, catching her opponents off guard (which is also supplemented by Olivia's unprofessional behavior, for lack of a better word) and making it easier for Olivia to power through them.

    -Early Life-

    Olivia was born to what most people would call an ideal family. Her mother, a Lilligant, was a normal housewife who took care of the family's five children, cooked, cleaned, swept the floors, and did everything a good mother should have done. Her father, a Tangrowth, was a member of the Gold Tribe, who, despite doing his job properly as is required of all Gold Tribe members, still found plenty of time to spend with his family. Olivia was the baby of this happy, seemingly perfect family, with three older brothers and one older sister.

    Perhaps it had something to do with genetics or perhaps it ran in the blood, but all five children, from an early age, had shown similar interests in the ways of battle. The little Tangela and Petilil were a rowdy, active bunch who demanded nothing more than for food to be served on the table and for battling lessons to be given to them. They often sparred with each other in their spare time, though they were as sportive as anyone could ever be, always having a good laugh after the practice and praising each other on their marvelous techniques.

    Once they came of age, one by one the children was sent to train to join the Gold Tribe. As the number of children decreased, so did the amount of fun that poor, young Olivia had with her sparring sessions. Eventually, Ethan, the fourth sibling, left to train and Olivia had no one to train or play with. She would often go to their backyard and gaze at the endless blue sky, wondering when she, too, would be able to train to join the Gold Tribe. The eldest sibling, Catherine, who just graduated out of the Gold Tribe Academy and was an official member of the Gold Tribe, was saddened by the state Olivia was in. She decided that she would take a couple of years off service from the Gold Tribe to train young Olivia herself.

    Catherine (titled Nymph) was a nice Lilligant—there was no denying that. However, she put Olivia under trainings harsh enough to make any upstart member of the Gold Tribe tremble in fear. Olivia, however, survived through this training passably, and before long she had more expertise and knowledge in the ways of the Gold Tribe than any of her brothers. When the time came for her to sign up for the Gold Tribe Academy, she excelled in every subject they taught—that is, every subject but Battle Planning, which she never took any semblance of an interest in. She passed the final exams with flying colors and graduated before any of her brothers did. As a gift for her graduation, Catherine and her three brothers pitched in every single penny they could spare to buy Olivia a Leaf Stone, which she used on herself to evolve into a Lilligant almost directly before her graduation picture was taken.

    -Gold Tribe-

    Olivia was a fairly normal Gold Tribe member. As previously stated, her impulsive acts and constant rushing into battles earned her frowns and scoldings from her fellow Gold Tribe members, but she would not change her ways. Catherine decided to form a duo with her reckless little sister to make sure she stayed out of trouble—this turned out to be an excellent move for both of them, for Olivia now had a voice of reason to back up her natural strength, and the years of training they spent together prior to their membership of the Gold Tribe allowed them to synergize extremely well with each other.

    This duet of sisters became famous throughout the Gold Tribe's ranks due to their expertise in the battlefield. They cleared more missions than most of the other Gold Tribe members, and they cleared them with flying colors. They earned much respect from their fellow Gold Tribe members, and their career was at the height of its success.

    Then, the invasion came.


    Auron's arrival with the Ancients was nothing short of the biggest surprise in Olivia's entire life. Olivia and Catherine fought valiantly as did the rest of the Gold Tribe. However, it was a futile attempt—the sheer number of these Ancients left even the Lilligant duo who were trained in moves super-effective against them in a state of long coma. That was all Olivia remembered of the invasion before waking up in Eternity City.


    Olivia gained consciousness on a bed in a small, tattered house. Next to her was her sister, Catherine. She got up from the bed, still feeling a little hazy, and stumbled out of the bedroom door to find another Gold Tribe member. He explained the situation to Olivia—the Gold Tribe had been defeated. Gold City was lost, along with several other important cities in the Alpha Alliance. She and Catherine entered a state of long coma, and the rest of their family was missing.

    Olivia refused to believe it at first. There was no way. The Gold Tribe, the protectors of Alpha Alliance, the defenders of peace—lost? Impossible.

    However, it wasn't long before reality sunk in. Olivia did her share of crying, but she realized that that wasn't going to get her anywhere. She is Olivia Trace, a Gold Tribe member. There's a Silver Tribe to defeat, an Alpha Alliance to take back. There's a responsibility that the Gold Tribe has to bear, and she's ready to carry her share of it.

    Moveset: Leaf Storm, Energy Ball, Hyper Beam, Sleep Powder, Dream Eater, Hidden Power (Fire)

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