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    -I looked at the man from top to bottom, and he looked like he was dressed to stay home and watch TV. Then again, who was I to judge people here... oh yeah I was me. I had both heard AND seen what the guardians did to the contestants, and I didn't like it, it was always something stupid like a fail of a superhero costume or something completely degrading like a ballet uniform. I could already tell that we were not going to get along, and I probably wasn't going to get much from him in the arena.-

    "You wouldn't be able to get me into some ridiculous costume if you tried, no way at all. I'm fine with my cloths that I have on already, so no piercings, no tattoos, or anything like that. I have enough already thanks to what they did to me in the human district, I don't need any more."

    -I swerved around the man, and started walking towards the elevator, my stomach sending up a light protest as if saying "why did u waste time talking to that guy! Feed ME!" I frowned for a second, then stopped, turning around to look at the man with a hint of amusement in my eyes.-

    "Actually... why don't we discuss this over breakfast, I'm sure they have a private room down there so we wont be overheard, but I'm hungry."

    -I took the last few step into the elevator before turning to look at Venius and pressing the dining room button.-

    "Are you coming or not?"
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