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Sapphire Dillon

Sapphire smiled back at him eyes full of happiness "That sounds like a plan" she said smiling more. "from the jacket colors I was told it looks like we're in the same dorm. She had made plenty of friends back home but she was trilled that Bri would be her friend, she knew there was something special about him. She followed him inside the office and smiled more "I heard there are a lot of areas you can catch Pokemon around here, is that true?" she asked him remembering something she had overheard on the boat-ride here.

Amanda Smith

Amanda sighed brushing a piece of her hair out of her face. She had arrived at the academy not long ago and right away had found the front office getting her jacket and being given instructions to her dorm room. Looking around she smiled the room was spacious and had a queen sized bed covered in a blue comforter and fluffy pillows. The walls were a relaxing shade of blue and the floor was a dark wood with a white rug in the middle of it. She had a desk in front of a window that she put her bag on and in the right corner of the room was an area set up for her Pokemon to sleep and eat. "much better than my room back home" she said shaking her head at the thought of her small and way to childish bedroom back in Jubilife city. Straightening out her pleated skirt Amanda left her room and headed outside.
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