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Originally Posted by voicerocker View Post

I enjoyed having a Pokemon follow me, but I can see why that was removed. Think about it this way: Imagine if you were a NPC in the game and this kid with a huge Legendary Pokemon was walking around a city like nothing was going on. I'd walk around with Lugia or Groudon following me in SoulSilver and think "I wonder if any of these people are even concerned that THIS Pokemon is roaming around in their city!" Looking at it from that world, people would freak out if a Legendary Pokemon was just walking around in the middle of the day!

I'm not sure if you're just hoping for B/W 2 to be "remakes" of B/W, but it was announced that they are supposed to have a total new story, hence them being called "sequels". Still, I doubt we will see the return of Pokemon following us.
I was saying that I know B2/W2 are sequels, but I wouldn't mind if they were just remakes. Although I doubt it will happen, I think a lot of people would enjoy the added feature, especially with a few changes (like having the option to turn it off).

Game Freak chose to limit B/W's features to make room for a new set of games. We might see it, we might not, but I think the Generation III remakes will hopefully see a return of the following Pokémon feature.