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    Originally Posted by Chaos Rush View Post
    I appreciate you trying to help, but please don't. I've already picked out which sprite from which game I'm going to resize for all 649 Pokemon, and there's no way that you can read my mind and pick the correct Beedrill sprite. Not to mention you said yourself that you're having a hard time, so your sprite is bound to have errors (nearly everyone that has tried to help so far has had errors). Even Wiznatt's 4th Gen backsprites I'm using, everyone that I'm using I've had to edit because it didn't fit perfectly to my guidelines. And a lot of the Gen IV backsprites are completely done by my anyways, since Wiznatt only did D/P backsprites, and a lot of Pokemon got updated backsprites in Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver, so I've had to make new backsprites for those Pokemon. See how picky I am? It's because I want this project to be of near-perfect professional quality. And I already said I don't care about 2nd frames since I'm hacking Ruby, and Jambo51 is hacking FireRed.
    I totally understand. And the 2nd frame is just a plus for us emerald guys. If you dont like it , that's totally fine. Ill just send it to you when i'm done and if you keep it or not thats fine. I'm using the d/p sprite.